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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Treatsa: Hand Delivered Treats

It's that time of year again, when you're thinking of what gifts to give or send. As a food lover, I always want to send something food-related, but how do I send it to the people I won't see in person? Many bakeries/ chocolatieres offer some sort of expedited shipping, which tend to be pretty expensive and still take at least one or two days. And what if the products get ruined in transit? Treatsa tries to solve this problem by offering a service for hand delivering treats (currently only available in LA) from their partner bakery, one of the best and most well known in town.

Hand delivery costs $12 - comparable to usual shipping costs from bakeries, regardless of the order amount, so it's better if you go big. Treatsa picks up your order fresh from the bakery and delivers to your door the same day.
They offered to send me the "Premium Chef's Choice Package" ($50). They have smaller and bigger options as well. I scheduled my order for my last day in LA. The bell rang and there was the guy holding two boxes tied with red ribbons.


I think you can figure out which bakery they came from, yeah?
The Platinos
A huge box of cookies and more! And plenty of my fave, Brown Butter cookies with brown butter, chocolate chip, and sea salt.
Of course, the beauty of hand delivery is that you can get goodies that are typically not shippable, like these chocolate fleur de sel babycakes. I hope they will include the butterscotch pot de creme to at some point!
The total for this order is $62, which isn't a small amount to spend, and there were definitely A LOT of goodies. Send this to a big family, or an office. It's sure to please.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

For the Holidays and the Everydays: Valerie Confections

Valerie Confections was probably most well known for their toffees and their salt and pepper truffles, but their other items (including some new offerings) are also not to be missed.

They recently held a week-long Open House where each day they gave out free samples of a different product. I went to the cookies and hot chocolate one, but they also had samples of something else.
The new Super-Choc-O-Food is a collaboration with Commune Design. Much more than a chocolate bar, this dense, addictive goodness is filled with almonds, cashews, peanuts, macadamias, golden raisins, dried pears, apricots, sunflower seeds, soy salt, and caramel. So good, and uhh healthy(ish), right?

There are three different packaging for the Super Choc-o-Food. You'll find parts of a picture inside that you can collect, completing this Adam and Eve picture.

Among their cookies, my favorites were the Durango Cookies and the Gingersnap. The Durango was the best in flavor, made with chocolate chip and smoked salt, while the Gingersnap was the chewiest.
Durango Cookies

Valerie Confections also launched a new line of tea, blended for them by the American Tea Room in Beverly Hills. I got samples of three but so far have only tried one, the Black and Blue Tea, a blend of black tea and blueberry which smelled absolutely divine.

There are other products appropriate for that gift basket you're planning on giving your favorite food lover (*cough* me) like their hot chocolate mix, truffles, and preserves. Or, you can just treat yourself to some cookies.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Milk, and more

The sign is eye catching no doubt. I've driven by this place a while back and noticed it immediately, but didn't have time to suddenly stop. Then I read all about it on Chowhound etc, so I tried out dinner at Ita-Cho and stopped by this place on the way out since it was just across the street.Milk is a cafe and they serve sandwiches etc, including some pastas on the special menu. They also have a variety of baked goods such as cookies, pudding, madeleines, etc. I also saw that they serve a blueberry popover for breakfast! Gotta try it next time for weekend brunch! :)

But, really, ice cream is what I was there for.

They have tons of interesting, yummy looking ice cream sandwiches, with favors like coconut and strawberry sorbet. I didn't try any this time, but next time definitely. Oh they also have ice cream bars that look rich and delish.
This time we just got scoops of ice cream: chocolate, papaya sorbet, and banana dulce de leche.
Everything was really good, but I made the mistake of eating the chocolate first. The chocolate was the best one IMO :) (but I always think it is ...). The papaya was sweet, flavorful, and refreshing, and actually tastes like papaya. I'd rank them 1) chocolate 2) papaya 3) banana dulce de leche. They were all yummy though. Although, I think I still prefer the smooth texture of gelato ...

It is definitely one of the better ice creams I've had in LA, and one of the best quality-wise. I do wish they have more interesting (i.e.) flavors I could try out :P

All in all, I give them a thumbs up and I'll definitely be back! And try out all those yummy looking ice cream sandwiches.

7290 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90046
Phone: (323) 939-6455

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