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Thursday, November 5, 2020

Noodelist: The Plant-based Instant Noodles

Plant-based instant noodles? Yep. And it actually tastes good. Noodelist makes plant-based instant noodles that is also nutritious. Their noodles are made with moroheiya (also known as mulukhiya, mallow leaf and other names). This plant comes from Egypt and has a high nutritional value. According to their website, it is high in fiber, carotene, calcium, iron, vitamin B, C, and antioxidants (the noodles also contain wheat, though, so it's not gluten free). 

Noodelist offers a couple of flavors right now. The company is started by a Vietnamese-born Finn, so the flavors certainly skew towards the Asian palate, including the lemongrass "chicken'ish". It has a vegan "chicken" and lemongrass soup with the moroheiya noodles. It's easy to make, just put the noodles and the seasoning base in boiling / hot water for 5 minutes and cover.
This vegan lemongrass is surprisingly flavorful and the noodles has a nice bounce to it. Perhaps because of the moroheiya but you don't have to worry about it getting overcooked or soggy as much as regular instant noodles.
 The "bold & juicy shiitake" has small chunks of dried shiitake and a little bit of a kick to the broth.
 I'm used to the $0.50 instant noodles so Noodelist is of course more expensive, but it's definitely more nutritious and healthier. It's easy to make and is quite tasty, so I can definitely see having these handy in the pantry during lockdown1 You never know when you need a quick meal.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Best (Instant) Noodles

I'm not just saying this because I'm Indonesian ... but we Indonesians make the best instant noodles out there (although no I've never tried the Japanese $3 instant noodle packages because with that kind of money I'd rather go to a food stall and eat a fresh bowl).

Indonesian's "Mi Goreng" literally means "Fried Noodles". The most common one is the one produced by the company "Indomie" :Just like the name suggests, you're supposed to be getting "fried noodles" so you're supposed to drain the water after boiling the noodles, and THEN put the sauces in and mix it. (I've given it to a friend who didn't read the instructions .... and then asked why the soup is so bland ...).

Now, my favorite way of devouring this is with one sunny side up egg:
Go get one and try it! In LA you can get one pack for about 33 cents and they sell them at 99 Ranch Market :)
It's bold in flavor and probably has a lot of sodium ... but it's good >_< !!

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