Tuesday, October 7, 2008

ISO: Heart Attack Grill?

So I got one of those forwarded emails from a friend in Aussie, titled "Only in America" - it turned out to be hilarious.

Inside were these series of photos of a place called "Heart Attack Grill" !!

And the menus were burgers called "Single Bypass", "Double Bypass" or "Triple Bypass."
The servers were all dressed in nurse costumes.

Oh and they also sell cigarettes.

Is this real??

I have never ever seen this in real life before, but it sure is a hilarious gimmick!

The burgers in their photos are definitely no joke:

If you know of one of these places, gimme a holler :)

Monday, October 6, 2008

Mini Bar Hop in K Town

Somewhat recently I had the good fortune of meeting Mattatouille and friends, who then introduced me to Tai, the owner of Scoops.

I will leave our conversation with Tai for another post. What I wanted to blog about today is what happened after :) Mattatouille's friend (don't want to put her real name here, especially when I may misspell it :P ) suggested we go bar-food hopping in K-town. Being a non-Korean-speaker or reader, this was untested waters for me, and I like these new people I just met, so I took them up on it!

First Stop:
3317 W 6th St
Los Angeles, CA 90005 (213) 487-9110

This place a complete Korean dive. Well, not that I would know. But with the dark interior, smoky haze from the bbq in the middle, and old movie posters, it sure seemed like it to me.

The menu is completely in Korean, so I wasn't sure what we ordered. All I know is that we got these spicy kalbi which were delicious, and were #52 on the menu! Don't know what it's called, but it's #52 my friends!
Not that spicy, and extremely addicting.

We also got some scallion pancakes (pa jeon? I tried googling it).
Somewhat thick, with tons of scallions, and a nice crispy exterior!

This segment, with some Hite beer, was ~$10/person total.
I wanted some more ribs, but we gotta move on to the next one!

Dan Sungsa on Urbanspoon

On to stop #2: The Hite Bar
Hite Kwang-Jang
3839 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90010 (213) 384-7999
In direct contrast to the previous place, this place looks like a little western cafe you might find in Asia, probably selling spaghetti. It might've even been called Bear House. But no, it's actually Hite cafe (supposedly used to be Hite factory) serving up (in addition to some western style dishes) blood sausages, and - what we came there for - chicken wings in sweet & spicy korean sauce.I think this was called "yang nyum chicken" ? Not completely sure ...
This was ... spicy! The sauce was deliciously sweet and sticky but also spicy, spicier than the kal bi from dansungsa. I was having trouble eating this and ended up gobbling tons of the marinated turnips.

Oh, and drinking a lot of Hite.

They had a dark, light, and "special" Hite which is just a mix of the two. Sounded interesting enough, so we went with a pitcher of that.

Not much difference than the regular Hite - still light.

We also got some scallion pancake here, which was served there for free. Thinner and crispier than the previous one, which in a way is better, but I did like the fact that the previous one was more loaded with scallions!
I had to stop here for the night, unfortunately. I had a great time and hopefully will get another chance to hang out with these people! I'll be training to eat spicy food beforehand ...
Young-Dong Hite Rounge on Urbanspoon

Friday, October 3, 2008

Great Chefs of LA Go Green

Here's another upcoming event to keep in mind! It's certainly one that I would looo~ve to go to! With chefs from Grace, Josie, and Animal, this is bound to be an event your tastebuds would remember.

Tickets ain't cheap at $150, but it does benefit the National Kidney Foundation of So Cal. AND it also promotes eco-friendly products and organic foodstuffs. Good causes indeed!

Here are some facts from the Press Release:

The 22nd Annual Great Chefs of Los Angeles brings together the city's most celebrated chefs, tastemakers and vintners for an afternoon of great food, wine, music and auctions to benefit the National Kidney Foundation of Southern California. This year’s "Go Green, Go Organic" theme promotes eco-friendly and recyclable products as well as conscious living and sustainability, and emphasizes organic foodstuffs throughout the event.

Honorary Chairs and George and Ann Lopez host the afternoon’s festivities. Host Chef Govind Armstrong of 8 oz. and Table 8 and Chef of Honor Gino Angelini of Angelini Osteria and La Terza lead a stellar lineup of top toques from around town, with entertainment provided by DJ Mike Palmieri.

Featured chefs and tastemakers include:
• Tim Goodell, 25 Degrees
• Andrew Steiner, Andrew’s Cheese Shop
• Jon Shook & Vinny Dotolo, Animal
• Simon Dolinky, Blvd 16 at Hotel Palomar
• Raymond Alvarez, Border Grill
• Calogero Drago, Celestino Ristorante & Panzanella
• Celestino Drago, Enoteca Drago, Il Pastaio & Drago Ristorante
• Jason Travi, Fraiche
• Neal Fraser, Grace
• Manuel D. Medina, West at Hotel Angeleno
• Josie Le Balch, Josie Restaurant
• Frank Leon, La Loggia Ristorante
• Tom Fraker, Melissa's Produce
• Henri Abergel, Mistral
• Joachim Weritz, Moonshadows
• Alberto Morello, Olio e Limone
• Giacomino Drago, Piccolo Paradiso & Il Pastaio
• Ann Hickey, Plush Puff Gourmet Marshmallows
• Joni Fay Hill & Denise Daclan, Saltistry
• Tanino Drago, Tanino Ristorante & Panzanella
• Brian Moyers, The Blvd at Beverly Wilshire
• Nicola Mastronardi, Vicenti Ristorante

Wines will be provided by:
• August Ridge
• Banfi Vintners
• Bernardus Winery
• Buttonwood Farm Winery
• Chalone Vineyard
• Cobblestone Vineyards
• Duckhorn Vineyards
• Frank Family Vineyards
• Frog's Leap Winery Goldeneye
• Grgich Hills Estate
• Jaffe Estate Wine
• Laetitia Vineyard and Winery
• L'Aventure
• Vintage Point
• Paraduxx

Sunday, November 9, 2008
12 to 3:30 p.m.

CBS Studio Center
4024 Radford Dr.
Studio City, CA 91604

$150 per person
To purchase, visit www.kidneysocal.org.

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