Sunday, December 30, 2007

Upcoming - dineLA Restaurant Week

Guys, the dineLA restaurant week is coming up, so don't miss it! :D I like going to these every year, you can get some pretty good deals!

(FYI, during the dineLA week you can get three-course prix fixe meals at select restaurants for the prices below which usually adds up to a good deal!)

Duration: January 27 - February 1 and February 3 - February 8, 2008
Pricing: $25 or $34 dinners and $15 or $22 lunches at select restaurants; prices are per person and do not include beverages, tax, or gratuity

I'd check out the list of restaurants from opentable.

This year I am planning to hit Asia de Cuba, Grace, and Luna Park :) and maybe Chaya Brasserie too

See you guys there ;)


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