Sunday, February 5, 2017

Eat the Food from Trump's Banned Countries at These Restaurants in Boston

With all the political uncertainties that have been going on lately, we should stand together and not only show our solidarity by supporting local businesses from the affected communities, but perhaps also take this opportunity to learn more about the cultures of the different countries that are affected by the ban. Since we are all food lovers, why not do so by trying and supporting the Boston restaurants that are serving the wonderful cooking of these Middle Eastern countries? While I couldn't find Yemeni, Libyan, or Sudanese restaurants in Boston, you can try the food from the other banned countries at these restaurants:

Kareem's Restaurant
Kareem's is only open on Saturdays and Sundays and they only seat by reservation only, so plan ahead to try the refined Syrian cooking from Chef Ahmad Yasin. The menu offerings range from the Syrian national dish of kibbeh to Maqloubeh, a dish originating from the 9th century. Make sure you save room for the kanafeh for dessert. Yasin also offers Arabic cooking classes for those interested in delving more into the cuisine. You can read my full review of Kareem's here.

Kolbeh of Kabob
Kolbeh of Kabob
This long-time Iranian restaurant is tucked between Inman Square and Harvard Square in Cambridge. In addition to the namesake kabob dishes, they also offer typican Iranian stews such as Fesenjoon and Ghormeh Shabzi, or you can try various dishes like baghali polo (Lima bean and dill rice) served with braised lamb shank.

Sheherazad Food Truck

This food truck is one of the best food trucks roaming around Boston, offering Middle Eastern food based on typical lunch menu in Iraq. One of the most popular dishes is the Dijaj Ahmer (Iraqi Red Chicken) which is a roasted spiced chicken cooked in a thick, nutty tomato sauce. Right now the truck is out and about on weekday afternoons for lunch. Follow them on social media to see where they'll park next.

Ashur Restaurant
Since opening in 2007 behind the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center in Roxbury, Ashur Restaurant has garnered the love of the nearby students and residents. The menu is written on the board daily, and usually consists of spiced meats such as goat and lamb, and served with rice scented with cardamon and clove. The restaurant also won a Best of Boston Award from Boston Magazine in 2015.


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