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5 Things to Do on A Winter Wonderland Trip to Quebec City, Canada

Quebec City is a great winter destination if you're looking for one that does not involve skiing or snowboarding. Just a six-hour drive from Boston, Quebec City is perfect for a long weekend trip. Here are five things to do in the winter in Quebec City:

1. Visit the Ice Hotel / Hotel de Glace

The Ice Hotel a.k.a. Hotel de Glace is a must visit for those who are in the area for the winter season. Staying on the ice beds are not required, as the hotel is open during the afternoon to visitors. Day visitors can visit each room (each room has a unique decoration) during the day, as well as drink in the ice bar from a glass made of ice. Hotel de Glace is open until March 25, 2018.

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2. Explore aboriginal Canadian cuisine and culture

Visit Wendake to explore the culture of the Huron-Wendat people with a reconstruction of a traditional Huron village. Wendake also offers an elegant hotel that incorporates aboriginal touches. Restaurant La Traite at Wendake offers a fine dining take on Canadian First Nations cuisine.
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La Traite

3. Take in nature
It may be too cold to hike in the winter, but you can still take in the awe-inspiring force of the Montmorency Falls. Just 12 km from Quebec City, the fall is the highest in the province of Quebec and the flow is so strong that the waterfall does not freeze in the winter.
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4. Eat and drink your way through the city

Other than the aboriginal-inspired cuisine at Wendake's La Traite, there are many great restaurants in Quebec City. Do not miss Le Clocher Penché bistro and grab a cocktail at The Fairmont Le Château Frontenac. Explore the food stalls in Old Port Market and grab some apple butter or apple wine as souvenir.
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5. Old Quebec
A stroll through charming Old Quebec is a must, with lovely colonial architecture filled with citadels, cathedrals, and local boutiques. Get an almost bird's-eye view by riding the funicular, which was first built in 1879 (don't worry, it has been reconstructed with modern technology since then).
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