Monday, October 7, 2013

Serving Cocktails at Home for the Lazy with Om Cocktails

Ever want to serve delicious cocktails at your house party but then realized you're too lazy? Like me, like all the time? Well, now there's a solution!

Natalie Bovis from The Liquid Muse and Jason Monkarsh have come out with Om Cocktails. These are bottled pre-mixed cocktails, and you have to do is pour and serve. They're not one of those nasty mixes in the grocery stores, though, these are made with natural, organic ingredients - including organic vodka (Om stands for "Organic mixology"). Plus, they plant one tree in Haiti for every bottle you buy!

Om Cocktails

There are three flavors currently out, including Wild Cranberry & Blood Orange (which is a bit like your Cosmo), Meyer Lemon & Ginger, and Coconut Water & Lychee. I'm still debating between the last two. Whichever flavor you like, instead of mixing drinks all night for your party, just grab some bottles of Om, sit back and relax while drinking.
Om Cocktails
Remember, you're drinking for trees in Haiti

Friday, October 4, 2013

Pre-Game Beer and Street Food at The Mixing Room at L.A. Live, Starts October 7

The Mixing Room at the JW Marriott at LA Live will outfit their outdoor space with a beer bar, serving a rotating selection of local craft beers and street food before and during athletic games at the Staples Center. You can grab a bite and a brew before heading to the game, or stay and watch the game on their large screen.

The people from Golden Road Brewery is helping build the bar, so about 75% of the beer lineup will consist of Golden Road beers.
The bar wasn't ready yet, so we had their canned beers
IMG_8949Each week on game days, they will serve one particular "street food" item paired with a beer (other beers will be available, but each week will feature one particular brewery), launching on October 7 with the Kings game.

Here is the schedule and some preview of what they will be serving:

October 7: Korean Taco (Korean shortrib / asian slaw / garlic red chili sause)
October 14: Mahi Mahi Ceviche Fresno pepper / cilantro / fresh lime / vegetable chips

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

CAN CAN Cleanse: A Juice Cleanse With A Soup Twist

Are you into the juice cleanse trend? I've tried a juice cleanse for a day before, and while I liked the taste of the juices and didn't really mind not eating for a day (I don't know if I could do it longer), I did miss having something savory and salty. Well, CAN CAN Cleanse may have solved that problem. The cleanse substitutes a warm soup for one of the juices.

They sent me a one day cleanse to try, which consisted of eight glass jars of juice, tea, and soup. The juices are delicious, just as good as the other juiceries. The lime and cayenne master cleanse is sweeter and less spicy than the one I've had at Kreation before, this cleanse starts with a lemon lime juice, and instead of either lemon or aloe water, they gave me chamomile mint tea and watermelon juice. Warm chamomile tea would be my preference over water any time.

Of course, there's also almond milk and green juice. You know the juices are fresh because of the separation that naturally occurs.

soupThe soup I got is the zucchini basil soup. It's healthy and not that creamy, but it still curbed my cravings for savory things during the cleanse. The soup is seasonal and the newest selection is celery root sage soup. The new tea is rosemary nettle, which sounds pretty exciting to try.

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