Friday, March 13, 2009

Bamboodles and the $1 Noodles (I Kid You Not)

Bamboodles has kind of been at the periphery of my radar ever since reading Exile Kiss' post on it, but when Wandering Chopsticks told me they had $1 daily special noodles ($1 ???) I immediately asked her to take me there.

The draw of Bamboodles is the bamboo-made noodles, made fresh daily. When we got there the guy was still working on some noodles, but alas, he didn't mount the big bamboo for my enjoyment. WC got a video though so hopefully she'll blog (sorry, vlog) this.I know the green tea pork noodles is supposed to be the highlight dish here, but since I came to get $1 noodles, the green tea pork will have to wait.
Since I felt kind of bad coming in and just ordering $1 dishes, I asked for an iced lemon tea also and WC got a side of spicy wontons.

Here's the $1 chicken-green onion-noodles:
Pretty good, huh? I don't think I can get this for $1 even back home in Indonesia these days ... Wandering Chopsticks said that the last time she got it, they put less chicken meat, so I guess don't always expect as much meat. But still, for $1 this was quite a meal, and quite a deal.

The noodles are quite good, with a nice chewiness and firmness. There was light fragrance to it. Parts of it were still sticking to each other but I believe these would work wonderfully in a soup. Can't wait to try their spinach noodles also.

The Spicy Wontons ($1.95) contained of eight wontons lightly covered in chili sauce.
The chili sauce itself was nothing special, but the wontons were wrapped in a thin yet springy skin. The meat was also nice and of higher quality (more meat, less bad fat) than most. This was also a nice deal for the price.
(These wontons, plus the chili sauce from YunChuan would be zomg amazing!)

The most expensive item on our check ended up being my iced lemon tea for $2.45 (expensive for an iced tea but I guess they have to cover overhead somehow)!
I'm going to be back to try their other items, but in the meantime ... guys, if you're feeling poor, just come here, get your $1 noodles, but please be considerate and tip reasonably (the dish usually sells for $5.95).
Oh, and the $1 special only lasts while the daily supplies still last, so go there early.

535 W Valley Blvd
San Gabriel, CA 91776
(626) 281-1226

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Wandering Chopsticks

My cousin went today and ordered three other items and the $1 noodles. But they wouldn't let him pack the noodles to go. Said they'd charge him $6 if he wanted to take them home, so he had to eat them all there.

I know, I know. Gotta blog about this place. Add it to my queue.


What you went without me??? =*( See my wave of tears! haha

Who knew this place would be so popular all of a sudden. I have been passing by it since it opened since I am always there for my Ma La Hotpot at Lu Gi.. MMmmmmm good... that I never stop by... but that $1 noodle deal is very very tempting! Can we go next week if I come up to visit you? O=9


WC: Sad ... but understandable! I'll just pack the 3 other items :P

Kat: Sure, sure. Hey if it's only $1 I'll go anytime hehe

Kung Food Panda

Hey Fiona! Thanks for the heads up on the $1 noodles. What time did you guys have to get there to capture that deal? I might have to be there at opening on a weekend!



We went there around 6,6:30 PM ish but that was on a weekday. I've heard the line gets crazy on the weekend, so you better go early :P

Exile Kiss

Hi Burumun,

I'm glad you tried Bamboodles (at least the $1 Noodles which I agree are a killer deal! :)

Definitely give their Green Tea Pork Noodles a try. Now you have me craving it again... Darn it. :)

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