Friday, July 18, 2008

Corn Pizza, Twice Over.

Zelo was recommended by a friend of mine as "the best pizza in town" so obviously I had to check it out. I suggested it to a group of friends when we were meeting up - funny, we seemed to have pizza everytime we meet up ...

What's so unique about Zelo is their cornmeal crust, and their signature pizza is their Corn pizza:
This consisted of the cornmeal crust+white corn+marinated onions+mozzarela+chives. Being a corn lover, this pizza was totally awesome! The cornmeal crust is definitely different, and unlike regular dough, actually has flavor and (when done right) enhances the whole pizza.

You can order by the slice ($3.50), half ($10.00), or a whole pizza ($18.00). They're normally cut up into six slices but since there were four of us, the workers were nice enough to cut them into fours for us :) extra points for service ;)

Below is the the corn pizza and the mushroom pizza (from the specials):
The corn, like I said, was *amazing*. The mushroom pizza was also good. The basil and sundried tomatoes were a really nice touch, but it still can't compare to the corn one.

We also got another of the specials, the spinach pesto. It's apparently very popular so it shows up on the specials a lot.
I think pesto makes everything that much better, so naturally I like this one a lot! They put a lot of pesto sauce. Spinach, pesto, and basil? How can you go wrong? The corn is still our favorite though (A friend of mine told the waiter that he should've told us to just order the corn pizza and nothing else :P But I'm glad I got the spinach pesto too!).

We ordered three slices for each person, which ended up being A LOT, since the cornmeal crust made the pizza very dense and very, very filling.


328 E. Foothill Blvd

Arcadia, CA 91006

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I know...that just so buttery, crispy and amazing!

I've only been their once but hope I get to go again soon.


Zelo is awesome. I've never been disappointed by any pizza I've had there. So far, I've tried the Corn, the Wild Mushroom, the Kale, the Leek and the Potato. :) They have I think 18 different pizzas that they rotate as specials every day.

H. C.

A third cheer for Zelo -- and I too love their corn one as well.

Can't wait to eventually try all their rotating specials :)

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Wow that does look amazing, I love corn too. I will definitely go there.
Not to critique but corn meal on the bottom isn't all that unique, it is used almost as much as flour I'd say in all styles of pizza, especially in a deep dish kind of way like those pictures suggest. But corn on a pizza now that is unique !


Sorry about that last post, in reading the post again I realize you might have meant the whole crust is actually made of cornmeal, which is indeed unique. Sorry that confused me. haha shouldn't question the gourmet pig.

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