Monday, March 30, 2009

Sushi Komasa: Cheap and Good Spot in Lil Tokyo

Recently made my first visit to Komasa in Little Tokyo. I've been missing out! This place has good quality fish and is cheap! Now a quick sushi meal doesn't have to cost me at least $50! The only drawback: Parking ...

The place is small and has a traditional japanese look. When we were there the place was packed with Japanese blue collar workers- good sign. Since there were 6 of us we had to wait about 20 minutes for a table, but we walked around and they called us when they were ready.

The salmon sashimi plate was $13 for 8 generous slices.The quality was not at all bad, they're very much comparable to the typical good sushi joints, but it's much nicer to the wallet.

The yellowtail that we also got was even better though, also at $13
These slices of hamachi were quite fresh and quite fatty! They made me happy :)

Sushi prices ranged around $4.80 per order. I had ordered halibut and anago.
The halibut was okay - decent. The anago was quite good though!

The best deal of all at this place might be the chirashi though. For $13 you get this big box of fishy-goodness!
I see salmon, hamachi, tuna, squid, ebi, and uni! Here's that quick, inexpensive, sushi meal, all in a box!
Sushi Komasa, I'll be back!

Sushi Komasa

351 E 2nd St
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 680-1792
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Melissa Good Taste

That is a great deal for $13! SCORE!


I am always up for cheap sushi. Thanks for the tip.

Daily Gluttony

i love sushi komasa!!! such a good deal when you're on a budget and jonesin for good sushi.

that's not bad that you had to wait only 20 mins for a party of 6; usually i have to wait longer for a party of 2.

Oishii Eats

I love Komasa for our budget nights out!


komasa is solid no frills sushi at a good price. the pictures of the sashimi just made me salivate. I just realized I havent had sushi in forever. haha. the only thing atrocious there is the wait though. my tummy gets impatient with me so we went up going elsewhere. booo


too bad my last experience there was not so good. But after reading ur blog, I think I would go back for another shot! maybe on a less busy night....

on the other hand, I've recently found my sushi heaven - Toro Sushi in Alhambra... not as cheap, but 100% quality. you have to try!


How would you compare it to Oomasa or Sushi Gen?


This sushi looks great - will bookmark this place for when I come visit LA!


Wow... the salmon looks so yummy *drooling*

e d b m

Gpigs, this is our go-to spot for Sushi when we are broke. If in the downtown area, we usually consider Sushi Gen and Sushi Go-55. You can never go wrong w/ his salmon, yellowtail and my favorite thing, Uni/Quail Egg/Yamaimo hand roll. God.


edbm: uni/quail egg/yamaimo hand roll??? And I missed that! I obviously have to try it.

kevin: Haven't tried those two yet :P Will do so and let you know soon!

Pink Foodie

I'm always looking for a good sushi on a budget spot. I'll definitely check it out.

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