Sunday, September 11, 2011

Brunch at The Misfit (Santa Monica, CA)

Not too long ago, I won a brunch for two at The Misfit in Santa Monica via Caroline on Crack. The Misfit took over the old Anisette Brasserie space and is the newest addition to the LGO Hospitality Group (they're responsible for La Grande Orange and the Luggage Room Pizzeria).

I invited my friend along for his post-birthday celebration. We started with an order of asparagus salad, lemon, parmesan-reggiano, poached organic egg ($9)

Asparagus Salad
We weren't expecting the asparagus to come in thin slices, but it works for the crisp texture they were going for. Unlike the usual tender, boiled asparagus, these are crunchy - almost like celery. It's a nice texture contrast with the egg yolk, and the flavors mostly came from the parmesan.

I wanted to try something from the brunch menu (there were only 5-6 items) and went with the San Daniele prosciutto + eggs, poached, scrambled or over easy with toast and burrata cheese ($10)
Prosciutto and Eggs
I wished the server would've told us this dish came with the asparagus salad too, because we would've ordered a different salad. This dish might've been better served with their english muffin instead of the toast.

Aside from a bottomless mimosa option, the full drink list is available at brunch as well. I was curious about the Hum Punch made with Hum botanical spirit, coconut water, fresh lime ($7)
I hear coconut water is a great hangover cure. With this drink, you can get drunk AND cure your hangover at the same time. Sweet, right? The Misfit also has a pretty nice beer list. My friend went with the Chimay White ($9).

Since The Misfit is a sister restaurant of La Grande Orange, you can also get their famous housemade english muffin, served w/ homemade preserves ($2). Do it!
English Muffin

My friend wanted something meaty and ordered the PLT burger, grass fed paso prime beef, la quercia pancetta, gruyere, arugula, toast ($13)
photo (2)
A great burger, and probably my favorite dish this meal. The patty was moist, cooked to a nice medium rare, and flavorful. I really like the use of the toast instead of buns as it gave it a nice crunch to my bite. I'll definitely either get this or another of their burgers again. It's not a particularly big burger, though, so you may need an appetizer.

For "dessert", we ordered the famous french pancakes, honey, fresh fruit, creme fraiche 8.
French Pancakes
The "pancakes" are more like crepes (no complaint here) and were delicious with the honey and creme fraiche. It's a nice change from maple syrup and a definite upgrade from whipped cream.

I'm glad someone is making use of the beautiful space that was formerly Anisette and The Misfit is certainly the place for quality food and drinks so close to the Third Street Promenade. I do wish they would expand their brunch menu, though I was happy with the full lunch menu (and the burgers) and the French pancakes.

The Misfit Restaurant + Bar
225 Santa Monica Boulevard
Santa Monica, CA 90401
(310) 656-9800
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everything looks so good! *drool* that san daniele looks heavenly. thanks for the heads up!


"The "pancakes" are more like crepes (no complaint here) and were delicious with the honey and creme fraiche."

...French pancakes ARE crepes...hence them being "like crepes."...

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