Friday, July 13, 2012

Wake Up The Zombie: Breakfast at The Raymond (Pasadena)

The Raymond and 1886 Bar have been my favorites in Pasadena, but I still have not been there during daylight, until now. They had been doing brunch but recently also started a weekend breakfast menu. I was invited in to try their new breakfast items (and cocktails!) on a Saturday "morning". On a nice warm day, opt for a table outside.

On the menu were the breakfast pastries and other backed goods, the eggs, and other breakfast staples like blueberry pain perdu, pancakes, etc.

I got the Italian Style Baked Eggs - prosciutto, potatoes, and mushrooms baked with tomatoes and parmesan. With fresh fruit and toast ($13)

My ideal breakfast (weekends are for eggs), with plenty of prosciutto and hearty tomato sauce.

With 1886 Bar attached to it, it would be a blasphemy not to order cocktails, even in the morning. The brunch cocktail list is not as extensive, which is to be expected, but I was surprised to see one thing on the menu: Zombie ($14). Drinking a zombie first thing in the morning (or afternoon)? Well, why not!
Zombie at the Raymond
Zombie is a blend of three rums, passionfruit and demerara syrup, fresh lemon, lime and pineapple juice. The menu limits the Zombie order to two per customer, but if you don't already know beforehand how strong Zombies are, you won't be able to tell. 'Tis the beauty of tiki drinks.
Savory Cheddar and Herb Cakes - layered with smoked ham and white mushrooms, topped with a poached egg. Fruits and potatoes on the side ($13)
Want pancakes but feel guilty about having only sweets for a meal? Well, here's your answer. They're still those fluffy cakes you know and love, but it's savory! Layered with proteins and vegetables! You're being so good this weekend, good for you.

Warm apple fritters ($7)
Not much apple in these fritters, but perfectly fine crunchy fried dough regardless.

I heard their pain perdu is a must-try, as well, so I guess I'll just have to come back for that!

They also of course have the typical brunch drinks like Bloody Mary and Mimosa, but they also have Michelada and I was told their bartender during brunch makes the best Ramos Gin Fizz (another thing I need to come back for).
The Chic(ory) flip ($13) is a must. This is a chicory-coffee infused rye whiskey, yeti stout, one whole egg, and caramelized chicory coffee sugar
Chicory Flip
This is the "coffee" for me, if only I can drink this every morning. The Chicory Flip was so good that after sharing the first one LA OC Foodie decided he just had to order another.

OK, it's not really coffee, you say? You need *real* coffee? Well, they have that, too. The coffee they use are from Stumptown, and they also have a couple of boozy cold brews.

Tres Leches Mexican Coffee ($10) - "thrown" with reposado tequila and tres leches
It tastes like a lightly sweetened cold brew ... with that little something, of course. Unfortunately, breakfast is only served on Saturdays and Sundays here. At least you don't have to worry about weekday temptations?

Breakfast at The Raymond is served 9am-2:30 pm on Saturdays and Sundays.


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