Monday, September 23, 2013

Drago Centro's Latest Cocktail Menu and Bartender


Yes, there has been a lot of changes in the bar management at Dragon Centro, but the man in charge now has actually been there for a while. Jason Eisner came to work at Drago Centro because he was inspired and wanted to work with Jaymee Mandeville. Now he's taken his experience and designed a fun menu for Drago Centro.

He enhanced whiskey sour with apple nectar in the namesake Drago Sour (bourbon, fuji apple nectar, lemon, maple syrup, egg white,  angostura - $10)

One of my favorites was the Italian Roots ($14) with cognac, ciaciaro amaro, demerara syrup, chocolate bitters, angostura, vanilla bourbon extract, fernet branca whipped cream
This is Jason's version of an adult root beer. It smells just like root beer and tastes like a less sweet, more complex version of root beer. And that fernet whipped cream? So much awesomeness.
He seems to have fun making his own whipped cream, as a different up showed up in Cartwheels in Rome ($14). This drink is made with Bombay gin, blueberry maple reduction, lime, prosecco, Sicilian almond whipped cream.
For this summer sipper, imagine you're drinking Italian soda in Rome (after doing your cartwheels?).  It's a refreshing cocktail yet the floral notes of the Bombay and the dry prosecco kept it from being too sweet.

Perla del Mar ($12) is made with mezcal, st. germain, lime, watermelon, jalapeno, agave nectar, fleur de sel
The combination of the watermelon and the spicy jalapeno worked out quite well. The watermelon is light, sweet, and summery, but the smoky mezcal and jalapeno kicked it up a notch.

It was the end of summer, so Jason had prepared a drink to start welcoming fall. Back to School ($10) is made with Rittenhouse rye, candied walnut pumpkin butter, port, lemon, and angostura
It's pumpkin pie in a glass. Jason added all kinds of spices to his pumpkin butter to really evoke that pumpkin pie aroma and flavor.

They keep a list of classic cocktails (or slight variations), as well, and those of you who prefer strong aromatic drinks would enjoy this part of the list. Get the Bklyn Cocktail (obviously a riff on the Brooklyn cocktail) with Bulleit rye, dry vermouth, Ciaciaro amaro, Luxardo, and Regan's bitters. Steve's Word is a play on The Last Word made with Islay scotch, Luxardo, green chartreuse, and lime juice.  
Instead of hiring a new mixologist, Drago Centro now taps a talent who's been at the restaurant for a while, and I'm loving his drinks. Since he's stayed up until now, hopefully he will also remain for a while longer!

PS. don't forget about their great all day happy hour/bar menu with $8 Hemingway daiquiris or 4 for $5 oysters


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