Sunday, September 7, 2014

Stuff Your Own Falafel Sandwich at Amsterdam Falafelshop (Somerville, MA)

As far as cheap eats in Boston go, it's hard to beat Amsterdam Falafelshop! For a small falafel sandwich, you'd get out with under $6, or $7 for a regular size. You can get it as a bowl, too, but I think the sandwich is the way to go. First, choose between white or wheat pita, which comes toasted then stuffed generously with those crispy chickpea falafels. That's it? Not at all. Next, you can peruse the toppings and fill it with whatever you want. Whatever. You. Want.

They suggest that you crush the falafel balls to make room for more sauce and toppings. When you get the sandwich, you are given free reign to the topping bar!

It's so hard to resist on the first visit .. garlic cream? YES! Tahini? Of course! Hummus? Why not. Then the cucumber and tomato salad, oh some eggplant, some parsley garlic sauce called torrator (yes, more garlic), red cabbage and ... oh, no, toppings are starting to fall out of my sandwich!

Basically, I liked the warm, toasted pita bread, the crispy chickpea fritters, and the topping bar certainly caters to many people's taste! I'll have to figure out the perfect combination for myself, and luckily Amsterdam Falafelshop is so cheap I can just keep trying.

Amsterdam Falafelshop
248 Elm St (Davis Square)
Somerville, MA 02144
(617) 764-3334
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