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Chinese BBQ, Cocktails, and More at Wu Er by WOW Barbecue (Brookline, Boston, MA)

First started as a truck serving Chinese BBQ skewers in Chinatown, Wow BBQ has a brick and mortar location in Malden and has recently expanded with Wu Er in Brookline. Unlike the truck, Wu Er serves a lot more than skewers.

When they get seated, each table gets a plate of fried mantou drizzled with condensed milk. Dessert first? Sort of, and why not?
Originally, Wow BBQ is all about the Chinese BBQ skewers, so of course, I had to get those here as well. The lamb is definitely one thing to get, but they also have all kinds of other options - both meat and vegetarian skewers.
Wu Er Wow BBW
While these are not for everyone, some of my favorite skewers are the chicken hearts and the lamb kidneys! I also tried the beef neck tendon, but that was too chewy even for me.
What I also particularly like about Wu Er is the cocktail program. It's pretty uncommon to have great cocktails at a Chinese or Asian restaurant, in general (although I have to say this is not particularly true in Boston, with Sichuan Garden II and Shojo and all). If you're ever curious about trying baiju, or cocktails made with baiju, Wu Er is a great place to try.

Moonlight over the Lotus Pond (Citadelle gin, lime, kaffir lime, jasmine tea, absinthe, egg white) - a nice sour with kaffir lime and jasmine, two of my favorite ingredients!
Wu Er Wow BBW
There's a section for "Wu Er Plates for Two" which actually feeds more if you get appetizers and skewers. I tried the Chili Crab ($30), which comes with a choice of 3 sides. The side choices include things like dry tofu, shiitake mushrooms, lotus roots, potato, and cauliflowers.
Wu Er Wow BBW
The appetizers are also varied from the fusion-type dishes to more traditional Liang Pi (chilled noodle, black vinegar, carrots, tahini, bean sprouts, cucumber, gluten, $9)
Be warned, this noodle dish is pretty spicy!

Cool down with some Marinated cucumbers
There are a handful of special dishes each day, as well. One of that day's specials was this bowl of chicken tendon, crunchy and chewy.
Going back to the cocktails ... Really, where else can I get chicken heart skewers AND a QPS?
The Queen's Park Swizzle is a refreshing tiki drink with Clement VSOP, lime, mint, and Angostura bitters.
If you like vegetal flavors, try a cocktail made with bell peppers. The New Frontier (Agavales tequila, HKB Baijiu, garam masala, lime juice, bell peppers, Thai chili)

Wu Er also has quite a few dishes that doesn't fall under the traditional Chinese cuisine, including this salad: Stuffed Avocado (mango cilantro chicken salad, arugula, tomato, ginger dressing, $10)
Chorizo Tiger Shrimp (chorizo, garlic, ginger, shrimp, paprika, butter, $12)
The chorizo seeemed more like Chinese sausage (lap cheong)  to me, but either way I'm not complaining.
For those who don't drink alcohol, Wu Er also serves fresh juices.

Wu Er is a great place for groups with a lot of options for everyone. There are small portion orders like skewers (including vegetable options) to big plates for two like chili crab or a whole fish, and for those who seek less spicy and more toned down flavors, there are many of those options as well. Not to mention, you can wash it all down with some nice cocktails with your friends.

Wu Er by Wow Barbecue
320 Washington St
Brookline, MA 02445
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