Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Boston Cocktail Lovers, Don't Miss Thirst Boston (April 28-30, 2017)

Cocktail enthusiast, bartender, or just like to drink? Whichever one you are, if you enjoy cocktails, then take a look at Thirst Boston, Boston's cocktail festival that is coming on April 28-30! There will be tasting and hands-on seminars, parties, and after-parties that you'd be wise to prepare your liver for. You can now view the schedule and map out your weekend.

First, the parties. There will be two night-time parties filled with cocktails. Saturday night is State Lines. This Thirst Boston tradition brings distillers, brewers, and winemakers from around New England along with bartenders from across the region. There will also be carnival games. Drunken carnie games!
Thirst Boston

Sunday night will be another Thirst Boston tradition, the Blender Bender. Teams of bartenders will be competing to make the best - you guessed it - blended drinks to win a fancy new Vitamix blender.
Thirst Boston
This year's twist is that it will be a Gender Bender Blender Bender, so the teams of bartenders will cross-dressing.
Thirst Boston

With plenty of frozen drinks to go around, dancing, and now cross-dressing, Blender Bender will be (as always) a hopping industry party that you should definitely join in.
Thirst Boston

During the day on Saturday and Sunday, there are plenty of seminars.
The seminars range in topic and expertise, and there are some great choices whether you are a professional bartender, an enthusiast, or just curious. Last year I attended a seminar of baijiu, the Chinese spirit that is still hard to find here but is actually the number one sold spirit around the world.
Thirst Boston
This year, there will be seminars where you can blend and infuse your own gin with botanicals, a cheese and sherry pairing, a pastry and cocktails seminar where you can taste baked goods made with booze. Count me in for boozy cakes any day.

For the bartenders, there are panels on how to win cocktail championships, seminars on ice carving, sustainability economics of mezcal, and other intriguing topics. History buff? Join Brother Cleve on a historic dive bar walking tour.
Thirst Boston

Instead of individual seminars, tickets are sold by day or as a weekend package. Tickets go on sale tomorrow (March 15). Purchase tickets here.


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