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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Try This New Rosé Flavor from Le Bon Garçon Caramels!

A while back I raved about Le Bon Garçon, the only caramels I ever really LOVED because it's so smooth, melts in your mouth and never sticks to your teeth.

Le Bon Garcon

Well, for a limited time they have a new flavor, Rosé, made with raspberry, lychee and rose essence. 
You can easily tell which one is the Rosé from the color, since unlike the others that are caramel colored, the Rosé is reddish!
Nutty and sea salt caramels are pretty common these days (although Le Bon Garcon's handmade versions are still the best), and Le Bon Garcon's seasonal fruit flavors stand out. The Rose is noticeably fruity but not as tart as the mango-passion, a great option for those looking for a little something extra in their caramel treats!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Those Japanese ...

They sure know how to entertain themselves :P

Going through the candy/cookie section at Mitsuwa or Nijiya is always fun! Because, well, you never know what you'll find. Like this one!F cup cookie ??? What does that mean? And the cookies are rectangular shaped, so they're not referring to the cookies ... 58.7 kcal ... I wish I can read Japanese. Maybe if I eat a lot of these I'll be an F cup ?_?

Oh and then these:
Couque D'asses .... uh huh. Did I miss something? Does "asses" actually mean something in French? I actually went to the French dictionary online and found nothing, so .. yeah, anyway :P

Can't wait for my next trip to Nijiya or Mitsuwa :O

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