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Monday, August 18, 2008

Chickens and Cobblers

Have you noticed I keep ordering cobblers (crumbles/crisp) for dessert? If not, you probably soon will as I make more backposts :P

This is a backpost of my visit to Cynthia's on Third Street. I've been hearing good things about their blackberry crumble and that's pretty much my main reason for this visit.
Cynthia's was pretty quiet - we came early and were the 2nd table in the house - and has a casual/ homey feel. The music was definitely noticeable and they have a note on their menu saying that they will not turn it down ...

Piping hot bread was served.
Bread was decent and since it was hot it tasted even better.

We shared the crab cake appetizer from the Specials menu.
It was served over a bed of mangoes and the sourness really complements the crab cakes. Overall a good dish, though I would've loved more crab in the crab cakes.

I, of course, ordered their infamous fried chicken. I usually do not order chicken at restaurants (especially breasts) because they tend to be dry and overcooked. But I do love fried chicken and was curious after all the reviews. Then came three big, crispy, fried chicken breasts:The mashed potatoes and greens weren't much - I guess they were good but how can they be special in the first place?
The fried chicken on the other hand, really was good! Althouth they were chicken breasts, they were tender and juicy since they were cooked properly. The skin was crispy and had a nice texture. If only they didn't put it on top of the mashed potatoes - that made it soggy over time.
Definitely a memorable fried chicken dish!

I unfortunately can't really remember what kind of fish my friend ordered ... I think it was a barramundi, but sorry can't guarantee that that's correct. It was off of their specials menu.Whatever it was, it was delicious! I had a few bites and really liked it. The fish is tender and flavorful and juicy. The flavors were bold, which I like in my fish dishes. It was served with some orecchiete which was also done well. A great dish overall, I wish they would offer it again and again.

And now it's time for the blackberry crumble! First of all, it was HUGE. Definitely enough for two:
It was indeed a great crumble. The crust was oat-based and was nice and slightly chewy. The flavor was right on though. Whole fresh blackberries inside. It was more watery than normal crumble/cobbler, but it tasted great and at least you know you're not just chowing down a whole lotta syrup... (although that wateriness does make seem like I'm missing something)
I'm generally that a huge fan of blackberries (go blueberries!) but I did really like this crumble. Don't know if it's the best in LA but definitely up there somewhere.

Cynthia's Restaurant3

8370 W 3rd St
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(323) 658-7851

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007


It took me a year to discover this place that is just a few blocks up the exact same street I live on. Shame on me! But I have been making up for it by visiting regularly. The Gourmet Cobbler Factory in Pasadena is a small hole in the wall place on Catalina Ave, just north of Colorado. If you're walking up from Colorado you would see a faded sign and barred windows/door, and you might think the place has gone out of business. But just walk a little more and you'll see the actual entrance door!

The place is pretty much all take-out: there are one or two tables outside, but they don't heat things up for you. The gumbo (yes they have gumbo! and sweet potato pie!) is sold by the pints, quarts, etc, and chilled so it doesn't spoil.

The "single serving" (which is too much for one) 4x6 cobbler ranges around 6$, depending on the filling. My ultimate favorite is the Cherry Cobbler. Followed probably by the blueberry (pictured left), or the peach (pictured below).

I've read a lot of reviews with people complaining that there's no bottom crust. I guess they've heard your laments, because my cobblers definitely have a bottom crust!

All the cobblers are made with fresh fruits, no preservatives, and the taste? I eat them for lunch! I'll eat them for dinner again! If it wasn't so bad for my health and figure I'll just keep eating it!

THE GUMBO ($15.50 / quart)

I was surprised I had to tell my friend this but, yes, be careful eating the gumbo. The chicken still has bones. The crab is still in the shells. The shrimp tails are still attached.
Their gumbo is good. Not awesome. But they can double brownie points for being a great take-out within walking distance. And another brownie point because I can get a cherry cobbler while I'm there. Oh, and a peach too. And blueberry. And a sweet potato pie. Yeah. That'll be all.

The Gourmet Cobbler Factory (
33 N Catalina Ave
Pasadena, CA
(626) 795-1005

(closed on Mondays)

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