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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Product Review: Hell Fire Pepper Jelly, Aptly Named!

I'm not one to try the ghost pepper, or enjoy the incredibly spicy dry curry at Jitlada. Basically, I can't really handle spicy food (although I'm getting much better). Still, when they offered a sample of the Hell Fire Pepper Jelly, I was curious. Yes, I'd love to try it! I've had jalapeno jam before and it wasn't all that spicy.

The small jar came with a cute little spoon. The golden color looks unassuming. It smells both spicy and sweet - hard to tell which way the taste will lean but it smells good.

Hell Fire Pepper Jelly

I didn't have any bread at home, so I went over to Wandering Chopsticks' house and for the first taste spread it over white bread, took a bite ... sweet, a little touch of tartness, .. then it creeps up on me: oh my god, SPICY!
Hell Fire Pepper Jelly Spread
Hell Fire indeed! This was no jalapeno jam I randomly tried years ago, this thing is the real deal! Now, white bread is probably not the best way to eat this. WC suggested this would be a good dipping sauce for meat. Perhaps glaze for barbecued meat? Yes, I think that would work very well with this. It already has the flavor components of a sweet BBQ sauce, with a super kick.

Bottom line: if you like spicy and want to try something different, this one is for you.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Product Review: POMx, Iced Coffee with Antioxidants?

Being a foodblogger, I occasionally get samples of some interesting food products. I'm no Rumdood who has half of his living room floor covered with samples of rum or LA&OC F00die who gets dessert bars delivered, but still, once in a blue moon ...

Like when I was asked if I wanted to try POMx Iced Coffee spiked with antioxidants from POM. POM made iced coffee? Yep, guess they do now.
POMx Iced Coffee now comes in three flavors: Vanilla, Cafe au Lait, and Chocolate and is advertised with a cute slogan: Healthy Buzz! The iced coffee tasted lighter than Starbucks' bottled frappuccino and goes down quite smoothly. I'm sure you're not surprised but I especially like the chocolate one - sweet, chocolatey, and smooth. Do I feel healthier? It's impossible to tell with just one bottle unfortunately!

If you want to make things more interesting, you can always mix it with some ... whiskey perhaps? I'm calling this the Very American Whiskey, with all that Americans love: Jack Daniel's, coffee, and antioxidants.

Do 1 oz of JD on the rocks and top it off with POMx chocolate iced coffee - remember, the taste and body of POMx iced coffee is pretty light, so if you use too much, the taste of the Jack will be overpowering.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Product Review: Ile de France Le Brie Cheese

Ile de France was looking for bloggers to review their cheese products via Tastespotting, and I got hooked up with some Brie cheese.

Ile de France's Le Brie came to my office mailbox and luckily the large DO NOT TOUCH! sign I put in the fridge was enough to keep people at bay long enough for me to get it home!
Taking it out of the box and unwrapping it reveals a uniform white rind. Looking good!
The first cut. I can already feel its firmness and smell the nice aroma. Can't wait to take the first bite!
The aroma is subtle but inhale enough and you get that delicious sharp aroma! The cheese is firm, yet silky and creamy. It's almost like eating butter with a slight nutty aftertaste. This was one good brie!

The product is listed on Amazon but is currently unavailable, so I don't know how much it retails for. But it is one of the best brie I've had, so if you get your hands on it and it's not outrageously priced, buy it.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Giveaway+Review: Pineapple Jerky!!

I was recently approached by Doug from to review their products and hold a giveaway on my site!
I checked out their website after that, of course. has a wide variety of beef jerky but I was most excited to see Venison, Elk, Buffalo and Ostrich jerky sections!

Apparently they are coming out with their own brand of jerky in March, but in the meantime they are holding this giveaway for some Pineapple Jerky. Yes, yes, pineapple jerky! I was originally expecting some beef jerky marinated in pineapple juice or something when I heard "pineapple jerky" but it truly was Pineapple, marinated in honey.

When I opened one of these bags in the car, the aroma just permeated the air and my friend who's driving just turned around and said "Whoaaa! That smells good!"
The pineapple jerky is chewy with a pretty concentrated pineapple flavor, but it's actually quite sweet (probably due to the honey). I love how this is not that tart, as the tartness of pineapples usually leave a bad aftertaste in my throat.

I can't really say I've had pineapple "jerky" before so if I were to say "this is the best ..." that wouldn't really fly would it :P ? Well, as far as "preserved pineapple of some sort" goes, this is the best one I've had.

I did check out the price afterwards and currently a 1/4 lb bag is going for $9.99 (retail $14.99) on their site - not cheap indeed, but the superior quality definitely shows. This would tend towards the higher end snack splurges for me.

In the meantime, though, you guys can win a bag for FREE! (who doesn't love free stuff, huh?)

So just leave your email address (or just some way to contact you) in the comments below, or if you don't want to leave your contact info, you can also just email me at

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