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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Gourmet Dumpling House (Boston, MA)

When relatives come to visit, I inevitably end up at a Chinese restaurant. At least once. It happened twice this time, and one of the two was at Boston's popular Chinatown joint, Gourmet Dumpling House.

This place was named as having the best XLB aka xiao long bao aka juicy dumplings in Boston.
The dumplings were pretty good. They're on the bigger side and the skin is thicker and not as delicate as Din Tai Fung, but the inside is juicy. It's more of a rustic style, you can say.

During lobster season, you'll also find lobsters for pretty cheap here.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Lunch with Chowzter at Mission Chinese (San Francisco, CA)

In anticipation of the Chowzter Global Awards in London this week, I thought I'd blog about the lunch I had with them in San Francisco (where Langer's #19 won the Tastiest Fast Feast for North America).
Our big group went over to the recently popular Mission Chinese Food - too early, they haven't even opened yet when we arrived. Being bloggers, we just took photos outside and studied the menu until they open. Mission Chinese had taken over the Lung Shan space, where they used to do pop ups, and they left the old sign.

Throw a bunch of out of town bloggers here and we will end up ordering the whole menu x 3, pretty much ... Of course, we had to try the popular Chongqing Chicken Wings ($11)
The crispy chicken wings were buried in peppers! As good as they were, the most surprising and addictive component of the dish was the crunchy tripe slices scattered at the bottom.

You can take a break from all the spiciness and tingly feeling the chicken wings left you with dishes like Tiki Pork Belly (in soy caramel, mandarin, pickled pineapple, shaved coconut, macadamia nuts - $10). And a tiki umbrella, natch.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

JTYH: Knife Cut Noodles, Chili Peppers.

JTYH has been one of the foodbloggers' favorite in the past year. A descendant of the much-loved-but-now-defunct Heavy Noodling (I never did make it there), JTYH was first raved about by Sinosoul, and one by one bloggers made their way there. Especially after J. Gold did, too. I came here first with Sinosoul and crew, and then that same week with LA & OC Foodie so I can pick up the crap I left in his car before my travel mug gets moldy. But with everyone else writing it up at the time, I got lazy about it.

It's probably time now. That, and, you know, the photos are already uploaded and all.

The main attraction at JTYH is the Shanxi dao xiao mian (knife cut noodles).
Shaved fresh off a ball of dough with a sharp knife, because I don't think you even can buy it dried.

You shave it like this:
and btw, is that a cute logo or what?

JTYH has a selection of noodle soups, including the spare rib soup (above, $5.95 for a large), or the beef stew noodles below (same price), involving beef briskets.
But for me, the best thing to get is the stir fried noodles in shacha sauce ($6.25). Usually this comes with beef and they have a different stir fry noodles with lamb. On my visit with Sinosoul, we somehow got fried noodles with lamb in shacha sauce.

Stir fried, the noodles had a chewier consistency and it is also a much more flavor forward dish than noodle soups.

Bored with those long noodle strands? Try the Mooshu "Cat Ears" ($5.75)
The cat-ear-shaped "noodles" are thicker and even chewier. It's reminiscent of orecchiette and was perfect tossed with scrambled eggs, wood ear mushrooms, and pork. It's great any time of the day but was perfect for our br/unch outing.

JTYH also offers a variety of non-noodle dishes.
Fried Three Ingredient Dumplings ($6.95)
In this area you can find even better dumplings, but the ones here aren't bad at all.

Pan Fried Onion Cake ($2.95)
A pretty nice rendition that's not too greasy and has a nice crispiness.

The beef roll is also quite good, with a crunchy roll and a generous flavors.

The spice hounds would be happy to know that JTYH also offers some Szechuan dishes, including a great and crunchy pork intestines dish and these ribs:
and fish filet doused in red hot chili sauce.
For some of you these are probably not *that* hot, because I could eat them although I was dying.

Bottom line: go for handmade knife-cut noodles, stay for the rest.

JTYH Restaurant
9425 Valley Boulevard
Rosemead, CA 91770
(626) 442-8999
JTYH Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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