Thursday, April 2, 2009

Providence 5x5 Menu Revealed!

The 5x5 Chef's Collaborative will kick off at Providence on April 28, featuring guest chef Alessandro Stratta from ALEX, a one Michelin starred restaurant in Las Vegas for 2 consecutive years.

Here's the menu for the first 5x5 dinner:

Kampachi Sashimi
Ton Buri, Asian Pear, Red Radish and Fennel
David LeFevre

Santa Barbara Abalone and Prawn “Printanier”
Shellfish-Lemongrass Emulsion
Josiah Citrin

Timballo di Orzo in Foglie di Spinaci
con Piselli, Carciofi, Fegato d'Oca, Salsa di Funghi
Gino Angelini

Sauteed Wild Striped Bass
White Carrot Purée, Nettles, Fava Beans, Fennel Pollen
Neal Fraser

Roasted Duck "Apicius"
Spiced Pineapple, Rhubarb and Celery Root
Alessandro Stratta

A Café in Bordeaux
Canelé Ice Cream, Coffee Parfait and Toasted Hazelnuts
Adrian Vasquez

$150 pp, $215 with wine pairing

For the date/restaurant/guest chef lineup, go here.

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Note that Cimarusti doesn't have a course listed. I'm assuming he's doing the amuse bouche course.

You'll be joining us on the 28th I presume.

Kung Food Panda

See you on the 28th?


So you are definitely going to this one and not Melisse? Man I want to go but I was BAAAAD... I spent $200 on dinner last night so I should technically behave for the rest of the month >_<##

Danny, you are buying right? ^_- lol

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