Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Molecular Mixology Events Hit L.A.

Last year, The Bazaar introduced Los Angeles to Molecular Mixology with their cotton candy Magic Mojito and liquid nitrogen Caipirinha.

This year, molecular mixology is gaining ground, but not at bars or restaurants, but at special tasting events around LA.

Last week, Tres Generaciones tequila--a triple-distilled tequila line from Sauza that's aged in Bourbon barrels-- held a tequila cocktails tasting + a teaser taste of molecular mixology at the W Hotel in Westwood.

This Thursday, August 27, event production company Salt of the Earth is collaborating with catering company Epicurean Umbrella to hold a chef's tasting + molecular mixology event (see below for deets).

At the Tres Generaciones event, we first tasted three tequila cocktails each made with a different aged tequila: (from youngest to oldest) plata (unaged), reposado (aged at least 4 months), and anejo (aged 3 years).

1. L.A. Love: Tres Generaciones Reposado, Basil, Granny Smith Apple, Fig, Orange Marmalade & Vanilla
2. Obama-Rita: Tres Generaciones Plata, Brandy, Lime, Fresh Lemon Sour & Triple Sec
3. Bells Will Be Ringing: Tres Generaciones Anejo, Ginger, Fig, Fresh OJ & Vanilla
My favorite was definitely the L.A. Love - most likely because of the basil :P

W Hotel took care of us food-wise too with passed appetizers including (my fave) marinated korean beef skewers.

The three cocktails and the appetizers got us ready for tequila ambassador Eddie Perales to show us how to make some nifty drinks. He showed us muddling techniques and made a cocktail with muddled cucumber - I got a sip of it thanks to Rumdood but failed to get a glass of my own ... unfortunately. It was soo tasty too.
Eddie heated up some tequila with chocolate (tequila-infused chocolate, mind you), strawberries, raspberries, marmalade, and mint in a pan. Drink this warm, straight up - it's better than cider (for me), it has chocolate!
The promised molecular mixology was supposed to be some cotton candy cocktails, but we unfortunately didn't get any cotton candy cocktail because they had trouble with the stove, but did try the tequila-sprayed cotton candies he had on hand.


This Thursday, August 27th, a unique event is being held at The Mark in West Los Angeles.

The basics: Three hours, three chefs, and three cocktails from San Francisco's Liquid Alchemy.

The setup: One chef will prepared on tasting plate every hour, which will be passed around the room along with the paired cocktail. There will be colored lights showing which chef isin action that hour.

The chefs: Renieri Caceres (Botero, Encore, Las Vegas), Tomas Rivera(co-founder of Salt of the Earth) and Al Gordon (co-founder of Epicurean Umbrella).

The molecular cocktails: Cotton candy martini, Kir Royale with blackberry gelee pearls, and liquid nitrogen in stainless steel rings Micro Basil Gimlet.

The event is held Thursday August 27th, 7-10 PM.
The Mark
, 9320 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles 90035.
$52 per person.
Buy tickets here or call (323) 350-0953


Kung Food Panda

You're fast with the tequila event, I'm gonna leech off your review GP! =P

Can't wait for the event on Thurs!


Though the upcoming event seems to have some potential for application of molecular gastro/mix, the Tres Generaciones event really has none. It's just basic bartending/mixology. Buzzwords are getting out of hand these days...


True that we didn't get the promised molecular mixology at the Tres Generaciones event, but there was the tequila cotton candy.

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