Wednesday, August 18, 2010

2nd Mutineer Magazine Red Carpet Tasting

I can easily remember Mutineer Magazine's 2nd Red Carpet Tasting because that was when I took a picture with The Most Interesting Man in the World (y'know the Dos Equis guy, Jonathan Goldsmith). It's also the night I went to talk to the people from Obsello absinthe and they went "oh you're that girl who cut her hand!"

The 2nd annual Red Carpet Tasting also celebrated the 2nd year of the national distribution of Mutineer Magazine, a magazine dedicated to all things (fine) beverage started by sommelier Alan Kropf and JJ Bagley.

Held at The Falcon Hollywood, the party benefited Global Water Relief. We were treated to tastes of various wines including a California-grown Tempranillo, cheese from Barrie Lynn the Cheese Impresario, margarita from Ortega 120, San Diego beers, and Combier "Roi Rene Rouge" Cherry Liqueur that actually tasted like cherries instead of its cloyingly sweet mass-produced counterpart. They also debuted the ARKEG - a video game arcade machine with a built-in keg (I'm 100% serious here!). Caltech needs one for their rec room!

Well, rather than have me go on and on, here's a slideshow for you!


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