Monday, June 25, 2012

Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp and Chile Relleno Dogs in San Felipe (BajaCalifornia, Mexico)

Some of you already know about Sonoran style hot dogs, even the bacon-wrapped kind. But in San Felipe, they took advantage of the seafood nearby and made ... Shrimp hot dogs! Bacon-wrapped shrimp hot dogs, to be precise. Oh, and bacon wrapped chile relleno dog also.

Martin started this "dogos de camaron" cart one and a half years ago, with a small cart in front of his house. Now he has two carts, chairs for his numerous customers, and even a little TV sitting on top of his fence. He will also be opening another cart on the main street of San Felipe soon.

The shrimp dogs aren't shrimp processed into sausages, but actual whole grilled shrimp - the bacon wrapping is what keeps it in shape.

According to Street Gourmet LA, it's not a Sonoran hot dog without Sonoran bread, and even here Martin ships the hot dog buns from Sonora. It's that heavy, comforting, late night food you've always loved (and craved when drunk) - but with fresh shrimp! And crispy bacon, mm..

The front of the cart held all the necessary toppings for a Sonoran dog. I had no idea what I was supposed to put on it, so I let Street Gourmet LA do all the work.

The chile relleno (also bacon-wrapped) intimidated me at first, but the chile used here was not spicy. I might actually like this better than the shrimp dog!

The french fries aren't the crispy pre-fried we typically get, but still had the texture of actual slices of potato. They seemed more greasy and not crispy, but we were there for the dogs.

Even the drinks are special here. Not regular horchata, but coconut horchata. We weren't able to find this in the subsequent places we visited (they only had regular horchata), but at least our hosts gave us a simple horchata recipe to do at home:
1 cup rice (uncooked)
1 liter water
1 can evaporated milk
Cinnamon sticks to taste

and you basically just blend everything! They say you're supposed to blend the rice with water first and then strain it before adding the rest, but one of our host says she does it all at once and it works just fine :P

Late nights in San Felipe during the off-season is not hopping (the locals prefer to drink with friends at the beach instead of going to bars, understandably), but eating joints like these are still busy. Some of the national crew champions even came by while we were there! Nothing like bacon-wrapped dogs to prepare for an early morning practice, eh?


Tacos Estilo Ciudad Obregon
Mar de Caribe Norte
Open until 12 or 1 am


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