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LAX Eats: Lobster Pad Thai at Ayara Thai (and Recipe)

Finding a place to eat near LAX has always been a tough task and In-N-Out ends up being the choice a few too many times. My recent visit to Ayara Thai told me that I should've explored the area more, and it's now on my list the next time I have a friend or family flying in with a short layover. Definitely keep an eye out for their specials announcement on twitter or Facebook, because they just may have the lobster pad thai. Yup, lobster!

For $16, they give a generous amount of lobster. Chicken? Meh. After having pad thai with chunks of lobster, it's hard to imagine any other protein that would go better with this sweet noodle. Lobster is the way to go, so try it whenever they have it available!
Even though I normally stay away from the chili sauces, the owner said the pad thai goes really well with the red sauce and the pickled jalapeno, so I tried a bite with the condiments. They really changed the flavors and the pickled jalapeno (which wasn't too spicy) acted like a palate cleanser in between bites. You should really try adding these two to at least some of your pad thai!

The spring rolls we ordered were apparently vegetarian (with tofu) so they were a bit more bland.

Their menu is pretty large, so there's a lot more to try here.
The tom kha gai, with plenty of shrimp

Drinks like Thai iced coffee and Thai iced tea are of course, available, along with a dessert must-order when they have it: mango sticky rice.

They took care to get ripe, sweet mangoes for this dessert.

Ayara has also started bottling their sauces which you can buy online including the peanut sauce, pad thai sauce, and many others.

With their pad thai sauce, it's easy to make your own pad thai. Here's their recipe which they've used in the last 25 years (serves 1-2 People):

8oz (1 bottle) of Ayara’s Pad Thai Sauce
1 cup of meat of choice and/or tofu
2 Eggs
1-tablespoon Peanut or Soybean Oil (do not use olive oil)
1-tablespoon of Garlic, chopped
4-ounce Pad Thai Rice Noodle (if dry, let soak in hot water as instructed)
2-tablespoon Shrimp Paste
1-tablespon Picked Radish
1-tablesppon Dried Shrimp
1-teaspoon Paprika
1 lime, cut into wedges
3-tablesppon roasted peanuts, crushed
1-tablespoon roasted ground chili peppers
2-ounce Beansprouts, for cooking
1-ounce Beansprouts, for garnish
1-ounce Carrots, shredded
1 ounce Green Onion
Cilantro, to taste


  • Place a wok over high heat. Once hot, add oil and cook meat, garlic, tofu, and egg until golden brown (in that order).
  • Add noodles into the wok. When it begins to soften – add the shrimp paste, pickled radish, dried shrimp, and paprika (in that order).
  • Ounce mixed, add the Pad Thai sauce, been sprouts, and green onion. Toss for no more than 1-minute (do not over cook the noodles).
  • Transfer to serving dish. Garnish with beansprouts, carrots, lime wedges, peanuts, roasted chili peppers, and cilantro to taste.

Ayara Thai Cuisine
6245 W 87th St
Westchester, CA 90045
(310) 410-8848
Ayara Thai Cuisine on Urbanspoon

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