Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Special Tasting at Mision 19: Baja California Culinary Festival 2011

The Baja California Culinary Festival, coming to Baja on October 11-14, includes special dinners at Baja's best restaurants with guest chefs from all over Mexico and the US. Last year I attended the dinner at Javier Plascencia's Mision 19 in Tijuana with these guest chefs. A 10-course tasting menu ensued.


First was a Tiradito de Hamachi with rabanos, charales, chicharron, preserved lemon, habanero, black salt from Chef Angel Vazquez of Puebla. This was paired with one of the best Baja wine, a JC Bravo Palomino 2010

Next was an outstanding roasted bone marrow from Chef Javier Plascencia himself (Tuetano de Res Rostizado) topped with tuna, tobiko, and serrano "air"
We've had plenty of bond marrow before, but none topped with tuna and it was a unique and wonderful combo!

This was paired with a cocktail from LA's mixologist Julian Cox: Negrito Sandia

A salad of watercress with piloncillo vinaigrette (Ensalada de berros con vinagreta de Piloncillo), cheese from Rancho Alegria from Chef Pablo Salas of Toluca, Mexico
This was paired with another Baja wine, Paralelo Emblema 2010

The next course was from LA's very own Chef John Sedlar. He served his famous Flan de elote with black quinoa alongside a fish with curry sauce.
Paired with Pijoan Dominica 2009
I've had the flan plenty of times but still love it every time.

Another course from Chef John Sedlar: local Cornish Hen (Codorniz de Valle de Guadalupe) and a chile relleno stuffed with mushrooms.

Pork with almond sauce from Chef Pablo Salas (Cerdo Almendrado, Papa cambray, aceitunas) from Chef Pablo Salas.
Paired with Vino shimul-yumano 2009
The pork was a bit overcooked but the sauce was great.

Pork Belly with plantain, orange and vanilla sauce, beans and cocoa reduction from Chef Angel Vazquez.
Paired with Estacion porvenir-textura 3 2009
I loved this sweet sauce as well, unusual for a pork belly dish.

Duck with Fuyu persimmon and brussel sprouts (Pato Anejaco en seco, Persimo fuyu, granada, col de Bruselas, mazapan) from Chef Javiar Plascencia. Paired with Vinas Pijoan-Leonora 2009

Before dessert, a plate of regional cheese from Valle de Guadalupe with honey and marmalade
Most of the cheese were mild and firm. This was my first exposure to Valle de Guadalupe cheeses and I could see that there were much to explore!

The dessert was I believe pumpkin (the menu was in Spanish!) with peanut and chocolate (Calbaza de Otono, Cacahuate salado, chocolate amargo)
This small dessert was a good finish to our wonderful multi-course meal. This dinner (and also a similar dinner at Mision 19 this year) was $100. $100 for ten courses, with wine or cocktail pairing? Cheap! These types of dinners will be taking place from Friday to Sunday in Ensenada, Tijuana, Rosarito, etc. You can check the lineup and prices here.

For a more detailed review of this dinner, read The Glutster's post.


Lori Lynn

The plating is gorgeous.
Wish I could attend this year's event...

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