Thursday, December 6, 2012

Learning to Make Okonomiyaki! (Recipe)

No, I'm not talking about going to Gaja and putting the batter on the grill, but actually making okonomiyaki from scratch! It's one of the many classes that Yoko Issasi teaches in her Japanese Foodstory class. Each of her small group class takes place in a small studio downtown, around a large wooden table that she outfitted herself.

First, you have to make the flour mix, which is:
1 cup or 4 oz of weak flour, can be substituted by cake flour
1 cup dashi stock, and ..
1/2 cup yamaimo (slimy yam)
If you've never had yamaimo .. it's a yam like you've never had. When you grate the yam, you will get a bowl of slimy stuff!
In a large bowl, put weak (or cake) flour with dashi stock. Whisk well until smooth, then add grated yamaimo and mix well.

Then, prepare the other ingredients:
12-16oz Cabbage, cut into half inch strips. Cut them again into 1/2" squares.
8 tbsp scallion, 4tbsp ginger. Chop.
4 eggs (1 for each person's portion)
4 tbsp pickled ginger
4 tbsp dried shrimp
4tbsp tenkasu

In a new bowl, pour 1/4 of flour mix, then cabbage, scallions, ginger, and other ingredients. Add one egg. Mix roughly and see if you need to add more cabbage or not .
Heat up griddle on medium heat. Pour your okonomiyaki mix over the griddle and add your favorite toppings (BACON! SHRIMP! MOCHI! CHEEEEESE)
After 4-5 minutes, check the bottom. If it's ready, flip upside down. Cook another 4 to 6 minutes. The flip again and cook another few minutes before serving to the plate. Add okonomiyaki sauce, aonori (green seaweed), mayo, and bonito flakes. Now you're ready to eat!

For dessert, Yoko made some orange agar jelly with castella at the bottom. Easy and refreshing.

She also gave us little madeleines to take home, and some of them are piggy shaped! LOVE!
The okonomiyaki class was a fun hands-on class with a small group. And I didn't realize that okonomiyaki is mostly cabbage and yam, so it's actually healthier than I had thought.

For future classes, check out the website at Yoko's Holiday Entertaining class is coming right up on December 9.


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