Sunday, February 3, 2013

Fresh Dish: Your New Prep Cook

Fresh Dish is another "meal delivery service", but it's a bit different. Instead of sending you prepared meals, they send you meal kits that you can cook/prepare in 30 minutes. They run from $8-12 per person ($32 for a meal for 4 or $24 for 2) and they've included everything in the kit, from the big ingredients to small packets of salt and pepper.

The meats and vegetables are raw, and most things are already pre-measured in their own containers.
The fajita was super easy to make. Just season the meat with salt and pepper and cook on both sides. The tortillas just needed some heating up and then all the toppings like guacamole and salsa were already prepared. The most labor I had to do was probably slicing the steak up.

The boxes have an expiration date written on them, but you can freeze them if you won't cook them right away. I had frozen mine and most of the ingredients inside held up, except for the lettuce for the fajita which got watery after defrosting.
I was pleased that the steak they sent out was fresh and good quality. The portion sizes are generous as well, and you'd have leftover guacamole to dip some nachos in.

The other meal kit I got was the Peach Chops: pork chops with peach sauce and couscous. It's a little more involved but I thought it was also a much better meal.

They sent a whole box of couscous, which was probably more than you needed. Cook then fluff it up.
Mix in orange juice, preserves, garlic, etc for the sauce.
Throw in the peaches and reduce the sauce.
Sugar snap peas were sauteed with garlic, and the pork chops were seasoned and also cooked with a bit of garlic. Overall, it was pretty easy and it also gives me an idea of the kinds of things that go into these types of sauces. For someone who never cooks like me, it was quite useful to have made it with detailed instructions and pre-measured ingredients.
I really liked the pork chop with the peach sauce, which went well with the couscous. The sugar snap peas were just okay for me, but that might've been my cooking!

I like the concept of Fresh Dish. The prices are cheaper since the meals aren't completely pre-prepared for you, but I got a small sense of accomplishment of having "cooked" my own dinner!



woah this sounds pretty cool! sometimes i just want a sous chef...

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