Wednesday, February 13, 2013

ScotsFest at The Queen Mary, Feb 16-17

ScotsFest is returning to the Queen Mary in Long Beach this weekend, Saturday-Sunday February 16-17.

There will be a full day of Highland Games competition where you can watch strong men and women throw stones, hammers, cabers, and other ridiculously heavy things over long distances or high up in the air! The people throwing heavy things and the people in costumes will probably not be in the same group, though.

There's also competition for traditional Highland dancing like this Sword Dance from the 15th century, which I got to watch during the ScotsFest preview last week.

The whisky tasting ($15) will feature the lineup from the Edrington Group including The Black Grouse (the smokier version of Famous Grouse), The Macallan Fine Oak series, and Highland Park. 
While we didn't get to taste it during the preview, the tasting during the ScotsFest will feature the Highland Park 18 which was named Best Spirit in the World by Spirit Journal. There will also be beer tastings for $10. The tastings only take place at specific times, though, so check out the ticket purchase site for the times.
Oh, and food. Of course, there will be traditional Scottish food! Scottish meat pies! Scones! I also tried Cranachan for the first time.
.. and don't forget: haggis. You can't have a real ScotsFest without it, so haggis with nips and tatties (turnips and potatoes) will also be available!


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