Sunday, June 2, 2013

Travel: Living Desert Zoo & Gardens (Palm Desert, CA)

So Palm Springs Restaurant Week started this past weekend. If you haven't checked it out, you still have time since it's running til June 16!

It's not just about restaurant deals, they also have specials on local attractions like the Red Jeep Desert Tour.

When I was there I also checked out The Living Desert Zoo and Botanical Gardens. There were so many cute animals there!

First we passed by an expansive model train display

Next, giraffes! Giraffes eating, giraffes peeing ...

The great thing about Living Desert is that you can get quite close to some of the animals there, since the zoo is not as large or popular as San Diego.

We went into the a meeting room at Living Desert which has a window looking into the cheetah's habitat. Apparently the cheetah had to have surgery a while back and you can see where his stomach was shaved :(

There's a petting zoo with pygmy goats! They're so short and stumpy

They're cute in their own way ...

The meerkat was such a ham, he was totally posing and quickly became everyone's favorite and the center of attention.

IMG_4451There were lots of animals that I don't remember from my first visit there many years ago. It's a fun place to visit, especially if you're taking kids (or still feel like you are one, like me). The Living Desert doesn't really have a special deal for Restaurant Week but they do have a $3 off coupon on their website.

If you're thinking of visiting Palm Springs during Restaurant Week, you might as well see the local attractions! Check out my other Palm Springs Restaurant Week posts, including menu previews, the jeep tour, etc.


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