Saturday, November 11, 2017

Bombay Palace (Beverly Hills, CA)

by guest blogger @discovering_LA

I enjoy food that has been prepared with a marinade or with sauces that have complex flavor profiles. That said, Indian food has always been on my radar, but not a frequent dining destination, so I was delighted to try the Bombay Palace in Beverly Hills. A Beverly Hills mainstay, Bombay Palace has been serving Indian food in a more stylish setting than the usual Indian restaurants since 1985.

Complimentary papadum is served to all of their diners. This is a thin, crispy chip that obtains its taste from whole cumin seed. Three dipping sauces (tamarind, mint chutney and spiced carrots), elevates the papadum greatly.

It is also an opportunity to taste the dipping sauces before you apply them to other dishes. Since the mint chutney had a nice kick, I selected a beverage to balance it - a mango lassi.

The vegetable samosa was my starter.

The exterior of the samosa was light and not greasy because it wasn’t deep fried. The filling consisted of diced seasoned potatoes and peas. I topped these with tamarind and mint chutney sauces to give them some added seasoning and flavor.

The garlic naan almost filled up half of the table.  
It was a beautiful large piece of naan bread made with green onion giving the bread some additional color. The naan bread is baked with garlic in a traditional tandoor clay oven giving it a subtle charcoal flavor.

Butter Chicken arrived in a fancy tureen which appeared to be small in size. After I served myself, I quickly found out that they were very generous with the chicken to sauce ratio.
This dish is fairly labor intensive as the chicken is placed in a marinade and then it is baked in the clay oven. What makes this dish special is the creamy tomato based sauce blended with aromatic southeast Asian spices.

Lamb biryani was served next.

Like the chicken, the lamb was also baked in the clay oven which gave the lamb additional flavor. It was mixed with basmati rice that was prepared with saffron. This was served with a generous amount of raita, an Indian yogurt sauce, on the side. Adding the raita to the biryani resulted in a delicious dish. I also topped this with their housemade spiced carrots.

In addition to the delicious food, I appreciated the overall ambiance of the restaurant. Indian music played in the background and helped set the mood. Bombay Palace has an exquisite interior - the walls have small coves with lit ivory figurines from India. This is definitely the classiest Indian restaurant I’ve been to and a good date night destination.

Bombay Palace
8690 Wilshire Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
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