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Belly Up to Eight Korean BBQ for 8 Flavors of Pork Belly

Eight Korean BBQ focuses on pork belly, and has locations in Buena Park, Koreatown, and Singapore. The main attraction here is the eight flavors of pork belly. If the concept sounds familiar to you, that would be because the Koreatown location was Palsaik which also served eight flavors of pork belly. Palsaik is now rebranded (and with much much better service!) and with new menu items.

We got the Combo A, which comes with the eight flavors of pork belly plus a seafood stew and mozarella kimchi fried rice for $56.99. It was plenty of food for 2 people and probably would feed 3-4 depending on how much you eat.
Eight Korean BBQ
The eight flavors were: hot, miso, curry, herb (mostly rosemary), garlic, black sesame, original, and wine. The black sesame one is a new addition (it replaced the ginseng) and I'm pleasantly surprised how well the sesame flavor worked with pork belly. I think the sesame was my favorite this time around, but the garlic and hot flavors are also great.
Eight kbbq
We also ordered the Flower Pork Belly ($22), because it looked so cool! Although we thought it looked more like a hedgehog than flower, but either way it made for a great photo and more fatty pork belly for us to eat.
Eight kbbq
They serve kimchi, bean sprouts, and pineapple on the grill. Maybe they took a page from al pastor tacos with that pineapple? It's nice to cut the fat with.
Eight Korean BBQ
The servers helped us grill the meat on the table - from putting it on the grill, flipping it, and cutting it for us. They also cut out all the gristle from the meat.
There was an opening on the grill, which was tilted to drain the grease from grilling the meats down to the hole on the table. That was a pretty neat way to keep the grill clean and less greasy.
There's quite a bit of banchan too, from tofu to potato salad and radish. They serve salad and rice paper to eat your bbq with.
Eight Korean BBQ

The seafood stew was filled with plenty of mussels, squid, tofu, shrimp, etc.Eight Korean BBQ
After the soup and meat are done, they use the leftover broth to make kimchi fried rice!
Eight Korean BBQ
More importantly, MOZZARELLA kimchi fried rice. We were stuffed but I had to have some cheesy kimchi fried rice anyway. In the end we took a lot of food home, but I'm happy that I got to try everything.
Eight Korean BBQ

I'm happy that the Eight Korean BBQ rebrand meant better flavors for the pork belly, new hit dishes, and better overall service. Other things to note: their stool opens up for storage, so you can store your jacket/purse through the night and they won't smell like korean bbq (not as much at least).
The combo was a lot of food that would've been enough for 3 people, so the $56.99 price was pretty good. If this seemed like too much pork belly for you, grab more people and order the beef dishes too.

Eight Korean BBQ
863 S Western Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90005
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