Friday, March 30, 2018

Thirst Boston Returns April 27-29, 2018

Thirst Boston is Boston's cocktail festival. The afternoons are filled with various workshops meant for bartender and cocktail enthusiasts. They cover molecular mixology approaches, ice carving techniques, as well as tasting seminars about cognac and other spirits. There are also seminar on woman in cocktail history and a hands-on make-your-own gin workshop that I wrote about here.

Now, why should you care about Thirst Boston? If you're not a big enough enthusiast to attend the seminars and workshops, there are still other Thirst events that will interest you! Namely, their fun cocktail-filled evening events.

One is Blender Bender, which this year will take place on Sunday, April 29 at Whiskey Saigon. The event is pits teams of local bartenders in a blended drink competition. There's always a theme to this event and the bartenders are known to go all out in costumes and garnishes! It's a big dance party with great blended drinks all night.
Thirst Boston
Last year's theme was the Gender Bender Blender Bender, and this year will be a Mad Max theme.
Thirst Boston

Tickets are $65 and includes samples of drinks (there will be plenty) and snacks, while beer will be available for purchase. Buy tickets here.
Thirst Boston

The other event to attend is State Lines, which will be on April 28. This event features local breweries, cideries, distilleries, and more. It also offers cocktails from liquor sponsors featuring bartenders from all over New England.
Thirst Boston
Hendricks' Gin contraptions are always a crowd pleaser!
Thirst Boston
There's a VIP hour with oysters and champagne. General admission tickets are $25 which includes one token cocktail and samples from participating distilleries and other purveyors. VIP admission includes the VIP hour and an extra cocktail token for $45. Get tickets here. Don't worry, you can purchase more cocktail tokens.


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