Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Spread the Love: A Dinner Series Featuring and Supporting New Immigrants in LA

On Valentine's Day I attended a special dinner at Spread Mediterranean Kitchen in downtown LA. It was the first of their "Spread the Love" dinner series which benefits Miry's List, a non-profit which helps new refugee families settle into their new lives in the LA area.

Miry's List curates an Amazon wish list, so anyone can easily go and purchase an item to help a new refugee family. Not only do the proceeds from the dinner series go to support Miry's List, but the dinner series also partner a chef with one of the refugee family cooks to prepare the dinner together.

The first dinner I attended had Evan Kleiman cooking along Abeer Aljrafi from Syria. It was a five-course dinner, served family style (what better way to spread the love, right?)

We started with some delicious trio of Syrian dips (hummus, baba ghanoush, mutabal)
Miry’s List dinner
We knew more food were coming but we couldn't stop eating the dip until all the pita chips were gone.
Next up: Carrot falafel (tehina, mango amba, fresh herbs)
Miry’s List dinner

Even the salad was simple yet irresistible: Insalata forte (baby greens, fennel, endive, garlicky parm dressing)
Miry’s List dinner
We also had Evan Kleiman's famous Beet ricotta gnocchi with sage butter, parmigiano reggiano
Miry’s List dinner
Harissa braised short ribs with sumac greenbeans, smoked almonds
Miry’s List dinner
The dessert was also one to write home about: Halva pudding, rosemary whipped cream, hazelnuts, halva. The halva paired so well with the hazelnuts and I love the rosemary aroma.

The next Spread the Love dinner will feature Simon Majumdar with Afghani refugee, Naseema Kashefi. The dinner is $50 per person, or $75 with wine pairing. Purchase tickets here.


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