Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Product Review: POMx, Iced Coffee with Antioxidants?

Being a foodblogger, I occasionally get samples of some interesting food products. I'm no Rumdood who has half of his living room floor covered with samples of rum or LA&OC F00die who gets dessert bars delivered, but still, once in a blue moon ...

Like when I was asked if I wanted to try POMx Iced Coffee spiked with antioxidants from POM. POM made iced coffee? Yep, guess they do now.
POMx Iced Coffee now comes in three flavors: Vanilla, Cafe au Lait, and Chocolate and is advertised with a cute slogan: Healthy Buzz! The iced coffee tasted lighter than Starbucks' bottled frappuccino and goes down quite smoothly. I'm sure you're not surprised but I especially like the chocolate one - sweet, chocolatey, and smooth. Do I feel healthier? It's impossible to tell with just one bottle unfortunately!

If you want to make things more interesting, you can always mix it with some ... whiskey perhaps? I'm calling this the Very American Whiskey, with all that Americans love: Jack Daniel's, coffee, and antioxidants.

Do 1 oz of JD on the rocks and top it off with POMx chocolate iced coffee - remember, the taste and body of POMx iced coffee is pretty light, so if you use too much, the taste of the Jack will be overpowering.



I'm so bad, haven't posted on my pom product yet :\

Anyways, those durian truffles were cut by 1/4!

I do have some single source Dominican Republic 70% to share though :)

...see you in T.J! woo!


POM made iced coffee? Wow! Would have never thought of that. Do they have any pomegranate juice in them or is it just coffee?


I never would've thought so either! It doesn't have any pomegranate juice in it, just the antioxidant extract called POMx.

Kung Food Panda

I want some free iced coffee! :P

Matt Robold (RumDood)

Hey, my living room floor is not covered with rum samples. It's covered with whiskey, gin, and liqueur samples. ;-)

I had no idea that POM made an iced coffee...that's...weird. I do love their basic product though, it makes phenomenal grenadine.

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