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Taco Omakase at Bee Taqueria (West Adams, Los Angeles)

West Adams seems to be the upcoming food hot spot, and Bee Taqueria is certainly adding to that reputation. Bee Taqueria is opened by chef Alex Carrasco, who has worked at places like Scratch Bar, Osteria Mozza, etc. It's not a fine dining place, but rather a colorful tin shack with outdoor seating only.
Bee Taqueria
That doesn't mean the food is low-brow. While Bee Taqueria has a casual a la carte taco menu, Carrasco also offers a taco omakase by reservation only, and it's one worth trying. There's a table of four in the corner that's set aside for the omakase.

We started with taco placero (market taco). For this one Carrasco uses a white heirloom corn tortilla and tops it with roasted pork belly, tomatillo salsa, and herbs including papalo and chives.
Bee Taqueria

Next: squid ink tortilla topped with quesillo, huitlacoche, black truffles, bottarga, and tomato.
Bee Taqueria
A great combination for someone (like me) who loves the black fungi like huitlacoche and truffles!

My favorite course of the night is the bougainvillea taco with beet tortilla, queso fresco, purple spinach and chicken with bougainvillea mole.
Bee Taqueria
Carrasco told us that there are four bougainvillea trees around the restaurant. He got tired of sweeping up the flowers all the time so he decided to make mole out of the flowers. In Mexico they use bougainvillea as a tea to cure stomach aches. Curative properties aside, I loved the flavors of the mole on the beet tortilla!

For our last savory course, Carrasco brought out these beautiful bone marrows over charcoal.
Bee Taqueria
After they finish cooking, he scooped out the marrow to top this steak taco - served with grasshoppers and lime on the side.
Bee Taqueria
The dessert was a platter of Mexican sweets, from palanqueta (peanut brittle) to dulce de leche with pecan, marzipan, alegria (amaranth candy) and obleas.
Bee Taqueria

Bee Taqueria is a fun place to dine at, especially when the weather in LA is perfect. Even though you're dining outdoors next to a taco shack, the food in the taco omakase is an elevated experience. Make sure you book ahead of time for the taco omakase!

Bee Taqueria
5754 W Adams Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90016
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