Thursday, May 21, 2020

Indonesian Food That Can Be Shipped to You in the USA

As an Indonesian, I'm lucky to live in Los Angeles where there are enough options to get Indonesian food from. My relatives in other states, not so much.
A fellow Indonesian in Boston recently asked me if I have a blog post about where she can get Indonesian food shipped within the United States, and I thought it would be a handy guide to have! So I've collected information on where you can order various Indonesian food shipped to you nationwide, from martabak to rendang.

(Note: I've tried some of these but not all, so I can't say which one is the best. They are listed in alphabetical order)

Bumbu Dapur
LA-based Bumbu Dapur ships various frozen Indonesian food nationwide, from ayam penyet to siomay to bakso and many different sambals. Check them out here.

Dapur Ampera
Based in Virginia, Dapur Ampera sells Palembang food, so think pempek, otak otak, and bakso. You can check out their Facebook page here. Note: their last post was from December 2019, but they responded to my inquiry and said they can ship pempek, nasi bakar, cilok and bakcang.

Eci’s Bakery
A baker by the name of Eddie Suartana is selling lapis legit, lapis Surabaya, roti gulung and more via his Facebook page and shipping it within the U.S.A. Here's a link to the menu and price list.

Martabak manis rom Ina Foodmart

Ina Foodmart
Ina Foodmart if based in Ontario, California and can ship their martabak manis, rendang, and ebi potato chips nationwide. They're working on their website but in the meantime you can contact them on their Instagram page for orders. I tried their martabak and can recommend it.

Javanese Taste
Javanese Taste is an online store selling Indonesian products like spices, sambal, etc, but they do have the canned gudeg from Bu Tjitro. When I discovered that Yogyakarta restaurants were canning their gudeg a few years ago, it was life changing! The price here is double the original price in Indonesia, but hey, at least you can get it. Note: I have not personally tried shopping online at Javanese Taste.

Kedai Jakarta
Back in February, Kedai Jakarta was shipping savory Indonesian food like soto Betawi, batagor, nasi bakar, etc. Right now they seem to be taking orders only for cakes like lapis legit, although the savory items might make a reappearance. Watch their Facebook page here.

Savory martabak from Martabak OK

Martabak OK

The Philadelphia-based martabak manis shop was even named based in Philly in 2019 and they've recently started shipping their products nationwide! They have a more limited menu for shipping, but you can get both the savory and sweet martabak and you can find all the info here. My family and I have tried Martabak OK once and we all loved it.

Noodle Stars
Monrovia, California based noodle (a.k.a. bakmi) specialist can also ship their noodle dishes anywhere in the U.S. You can check out their menu here, but you'd have to call or email them to order for shipping.

Pecel Ndeso
A Philadelphia-based catering company, Pecel Ndeso occasionally opened orders for shipping to all 50 states on their Facebook page. Spots are limited and you have to keep up to date with their Facebook page to be notified when orders for shipping open up, but the previous menus were enticing with things like soto jerohan, ikan balado, rawon and more. Haven't actually seen pecel on the shipping menu though! P.S. they also deliver around New England all the way up to Maine, although I don't know what the minimum order would be.

Pempek 714
They obviously specialize in pempek and often offers packages for various pempek plus some otak otak. Check them out here. I haven't tried them myself, but the reviews are good.

Rendang and Co
This is an Indonesian restaurant in Tulsa, Oklahoma of all places. They're doing take-out and delivery within the city but they also have a select menu that they can ship nationwide (vacuum-packed). You can check them out here, but would have to message them about the shipping. Items that can be shipped include rendang, dendeng, bollen, etc.

Tala's Kitchen
I found this San Jose based place on Instagram and they will start shipping in early June (the food will be shipped frozen). The menu lists fried otak otak, opor ayam, egg rolls as well as Singaporean favorite bak kut teh. Check them out here.

Taste of Surabaya
Queens-based Taste of Surabaya can freeze and vacuum pack any of their food for shipping. The menu seems to rotate and you'd have to contact them (their Facebook page links to their Whatsapp number) but the May 27 menu includes ayam kremesan, tahu campur, bubur ketan hitam and more.

Z's Kitchen
A bakery in Philadelphia, Z's kitchen ships Indonesian cookies and cakes including nastar, lapis legit, lidah kucing, etc. Find the price list here.

Know any other Indonesian food businesses that can ship? Please let me know!



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