Thursday, September 24, 2009

Save the Date: Truffle Dinner at Minestraio Trattoria Oct 19

Last year I enjoyed an all-truffle prix-fixe meal at Gino Angelini's former La Terza, to the dismay to some readers who said the would definitely have gone if only I had let them know in advance!

So here goes my advance notice. La Terza is now replaced by Minestraio Trattoria but Chef Gino is still throwing a truffle extravaganza. Last year's 7-course black truffle menu for $75 is now replaced by a 4-course menu for $90. Less courses, more money? But wait! This year's menu includes ... can you guess? White truffles.

Here's their full menu for the night:

First Course
Pure of Leeks with Scallop and Summer Truffles
Second Course
Ossobuco Agnolotti with White Truffles
Third Course
Beef Tenderloin Tagliata with Parmigiano Sauce and Summer Truffles
Fourth Course
Black and White Chocolate Mousse
Menu $90
Exclusive of tax, gratuity and beverage
Reservations required 323/782-8384

Minestraio Trattoria
8384 W. 3rd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90048

Just don't say I didn't tell you.


Food, she thought.

Thanks so much for the advance notice, GP. It looks to die for!


Man I hate you for making me spend money!! haha .... umm I guess I am in... DARN YOU! lol You know I can never say no to truffles! lol... where is the truffle in the dessert? ^_- lol

Right Way to Eat

I can't wait for this....

I want these dishes now!!

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