Friday, September 25, 2009

Balinese Dirty Duck Diner: Crispy Duck with a View

One last meal in Bali took us back to Ubud, home of Babi Guling Ibu Oka and Nuris bbq ribs. This time we visit the famous Bebek Bengil restaurant, a.k.a Dirty Duck Diner.
We were greeted by a decidedly Balinese entrance and valet parking, already suggesting that this place probably has quite the ambiance and won't be cheap (relatively speaking).

Indeed, Bebek Bengil offers the option to dine on the balai-balai, the wooden sitting platforms available around the restaurant. You can, and probably should, reserve these platforms beforehand. We didn't, but after waiting a few minutes managed to score the best seats in the house, a small balai right next to the rice paddies.
We all got the famous crispy duck, Bebek Bengil, which was rather heftily priced by Indonesian standards at Rp.67,000 (about $6.70) a plate. Then again it is Bali and one always pays for great ambiance.

Shoes off, sitting on the platform lesehan style with pillows, just shooting the breeze while staring at the verdant rice paddies, this ambiance is certainly hard to beat.

Our plate of crispy fried duck and rice finally came, to be eaten with our fingers.
The duck was fried to a crisp in palm oil, after being seasoned with bay leaves, lime, ginger, galangal, coriander, and other herbs and spices.
Under that deliciously crispy skin was lean, but tender and full of flavor duck meat.
This was served with some urap made with green beans and bean sprouts cooked in coconut milk, galangal, and chili.
The urap had a nice flavor that accompanied the duck perfectly. We were also served some amazing house-made chili sauce made with chili, shrimp paste, onions, and other good stuff. Even I could not avoid dipping everything in that sauce.

Needless to say, I cleaned all possible skin and meat off the bones. The portions here aren't big and the price is rather high, but chilling in the breeze after licking the duck bones clean was heavenly. Oh yes, we could definitely eat like this everyday - if only Bali was just a drive away.

Bebek Bengil (Dirty Duck Diner)
Padang Tegal, Ubud.
Bali, Indonesia
Phone: (62-361) 975.489
Fax: (62-361) 975.546



seeing you clean off the bones of that duck confirmed to me that you are a consummate eater. you did a better job than me or javi.

that view and setting was seriously unbeatable. i'd rather be there than the french laundry. OHHH...imagine eating French Laundry food at this restaurant? imagine THAT!


mmmmm...coconut oil. I knew I recognized the smell of it as soon as I walked in.

It's strictly about the Ambiance here, I swear looking at the rice paddys made each grain of rice taste all the better! Duck was ok, but a little fried beyond recognition.

unless...does the 'campung' concept apply to Indonesia Ducks too?


Food GPS

Looks good. L.A. clearly needs dirty duck. It's amazing that $6.70 is relatively expensive for a duck feast in Bali. In L.A. there would be lines out the door at three times the price.

Exile Kiss

Hi burumun,

Wow, that crispy Duck looks *SO* good (and your description of the spices makes it sound even better :). I wish there was a restaurant that served this in L.A. Thanks for making me hungry. :)

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