Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Exploring the Borough Market in London

One of the Chowzter stops in London was The Borough Market, one of the largest and oldest food markets in London.

I never realized until then just how much the Brits love their cheese. It seemed like more than half of the market was selling cheese! And they look and smell amazing. If only there was a way for me to bring them home ...

One of the Chowzter picks is the sausage roll from The Ginger Pig. The Ginger Pig is a butcher shop so they make their own pork sausages with sage and breadcrumbs. The sausage is wrapped in a crispy puff pastry. Surprisingly large and sure to fill you up. During the holidays they add cranberry to the sausage as well.
Sausage roll

There was a dairy stand from Bath which sells ice cream and their award winning soft cheeses.
I wanted to try so many things here. There were giant pans of curry and paella...

... Very interesting and exquisite honey

There are more stands in the back (across the street), so don't miss it.
More cheese outside! There's a booth with cheese that have all been ripened in leftover grape skin from wine making.

I wish I had more room in my stomach, because this roast pork sandwich looked so good ..

.. but I had to properly make my way to Kappacasein for their toasted cheese sandwich. When you get there, you're sure to notice the cheese raclette heating up! I wanted that too, but so full ...

Finally I got my toasted cheese sandwich. The sandwich is made with a mix of Montgomerry cheddar, Ogleshield and Comte cheese with five types on onions! Everything is toasted between Poilane sourdough bread. So good .... Can we get this kind of grilled cheese in the US?
Cheese Sandwich
The Borough Market is a must visit for food lovers visiting London! I only wished I could've tried more things, but I guess I'll just have to come back for them.


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