Friday, October 24, 2014

Cooking Made Easy with Plated

Sure, I don't cook much, but I'm partially a biologist and I can follow protocols ... I mean, recipes ... That's why I use services like Plated when I'm not going out. With Plated, they send you exact ingredients and recipes, expecting you to only have olive oil, salt, and pepper in your kitchen. Pretty much what I have!

Plated isn't dirt cheap - each meal costs $12 with subscription or $15 a la carte. I have a subscription and you can just skip the weeks you don't want a delivery (which is 80% of the time for me). If you order more than $50, then delivery is free. But given the price, I have to say the food I've made using Plated have tasted quite good, if I do say so myself! They recently added dessert options, apparently.

Roast chicken with couscous and yogurt
I've also tried Blue Apron, which is cheaper, but I like Plated because you can choose exactly which menu items you want delivered. Everything has been great and the ingredients are good quality. I don't want them to guess what I might want to eat, I want to tell them exactly what I want. My "preferences" profile would say I like red meat, but how can I not want shrimp and grits with braised kale??

Each menu item will also list how easy or difficult the recipe is to make, and how long it will take. I've always stayed with the easy and around 30 minutes to make items ... Because I'm lazy like that. I suspect once winter hits Boston, I will be using Plated a lot more so I don't have to leave the house and still eat well.

If you want to try Plated, you can get 2 free plates on your first order.


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