Thursday, October 16, 2014

James Hook Lobster (Boston, MA)

There are plenty of lobster to be had in Boston, but where to have one affordably? Well, the cheapest would be the Chinese restaurants, but if you want them traditional style, then James Hook is one of the best values in town.

I took my aunt and cousins there and ordered whole steamed lobsters (tip: there is a small parking lot where you can park for free!)


A whole steamed 1.5 lb lobster went for $20 here when I came (on July 4). Actually, you pay $22 when you order but they will refund you $2 in cash when you return the crackers (funny story: my aunt misunderstood and tried to return the oyster crackers that came with our chowder!).

The lobsters were alive and grabbed from the tank right before being cooked, so they were fresh! The meat was sweet and succulent.

If you want to cook it at home yourself, the lobster, along with a slew of other seafood, is much cheaper by the pound if you buy it live.

Their lobster roll is good, but not the best you'll have in town (of course, the best in my opinion is Neptune Oyster, which also commands a much higher price than the one here).

Now, I have not tried the clam chowders around town, but the creamy chowder here was solid and they were generous with the clams.

Come here for an affordable, traditional lobster meal with no frills (plus free parking) near the Boston harbor.

James Hook Lobster
15-17 Northern Ave
Boston, MA 02210
(617) 423-5501
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