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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Brunch at Napa Valley Grille in Westwood (Los Angeles, CA)

Ah, Westwood. This neighborhood sure has changed since my college days as a Bruin, but Napa Valley Grille is still there and going strong as one of the only higher end restaurants in the neighborhood. They just renovated their restaurant, as well, and it's looking sleek.

I went back a couple of months ago to try out their then-new brunch menu.

For daily breakfast, I typically have a pastry or a coffee cake like this with coffee. The coffee cake was deliciously buttery and I enjoyed the crumbles on top.
Napa Valley Grille
Brunch, however, calls for eggs, like this Cast iron frittata with California wild mushrooms, smoked sardo, caramelized pearl onions ($14)
Napa Valley Grille

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sicilian Breakfast at Brelundi (Waltham, MA)

First, let's talk about the name. Brelundi may sound like an Italian word to some, but it actually just refers to "breakfast lunch dinner" - the three meals this Italian cafe in Waltham serves. They actually have quite a unique breakfast offerings. Breakfast, Sicilian style. Brelundi is open from 7am everyday and it's close to the T station, so it's great stop for locals on their way to work.

The unassuming eatery actually has quite a few surprises, like their breakfast arancini ($4 each). If you're not yet familiar with it, arancini is a fried risotto ball and it is said to have originated in Sicily back in the 10th century. They're usually filled with cheese, meat, or vegetable, but Brelundi takes a unique approach with their breakfast versions!


The breakfast arancinis, which were quite big - two might fill me up, are filled with either eggs and spinach, or eggs and sausage. They're also great for a grab-and-go breakfast since it's easy to hold and eat them with your hands.
I really enjoyed these since I usually like both arancini and eggs in general, why not put them together, right?

There's also a 12" breakfast pizza for $8, topped with fresh, housemade mozzarella cheese, bechamel sauce, eggs, and a choice of spinach, prosciutto, or sausage.
I was impressed by the thin crust of this pizza - usually I end up not eating the edges of pizza because it's too doughy or too plain or something, but this one was nice and crisp.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Brunch at Caulfield's (Thompson Hotel, Beverly Hills)

Caulfield's Bar and Dining Room at the Thompson Hotel has started brunch service with pastries and a diverse array of dishes. We started brunch with their Whole grain blueberry muffin ($6) and Braeburn apple turnover ($7)


It's more expensive than going to a bakery and getting them to go but you're paying to dine there after all and I was happy that the muffins were full of blueberries instead of just a couple garnishing the top.

There are traditional mimosas and bellinis but I had to try the prickly pear one.
Inadvertently, I ended up having a vegetarian brunch! But don't be deterred by my brunch, because they do have hamburgers, pork belly, steak au poivre, chicken and waffles and the likes for brunch. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Old Standby Brunch and Best Apple Tart Tatin in Town

Rose Cafe is a long-standing brunch destination in Venice. With its patio seating, brunch fares, bakery, and an awesome gift shop, it was (still is) the quintessential brunch in Venice, bustling with families and joggers alike.

I used to go all the time back when I was at UCLA. An off experience one day and moving to Pasadena kept me away from this place for a while. But then I came back.

Rose Cafe offers classical brunch fares - eggs and the like, entrees from the kitchen such as seared tuna salad, and a variety of deli items.

This time I got the Frittata (Italian Style Open-Faced Omelette). Roasted Eggplant, Roasted Peppers, Tomatoes and Basil, Topped w/ Goat Cheese
Generous portions and healthy, the food here is still very solid with good ingredients.

Friend got the Eggs Scandia (lox, poached egg, croissant, dill hollandaise)
Another classic brunch fare. The amount of lox in this dish is lacking - wonder if they've cut back due to the recession :/ It's otherwise very good with flakey buttery croissant. Just ... more lox, please.

Rose Cafe has a large selection of pastries and baked goods that you can either have there or take to go. It's hard not to when you're passing the gorgeous display case on your way out. I often get their apple tart tatin.
As I ate it at home that night, I was reminded again of how much I liked Rose Cafe. They still have the best apple tart tatin around! Sweet, plump, and juicy caramelized apples. Flakey pastry crust. Loved it. It might be the flakey crust that makes it better than the rest. Or maybe it's the apple to crust ratio.

I also remembered that I liked their cobblers. And bread pudding ... and ... what was I thinking only buying the apple tatin? *sigh*

Rose Cafe
220 Rose Ave
Venice, CA 90291
(310) 399-0711
Rose Cafe on Urbanspoon

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