Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Beach, Burgers

Greetings everyone~ For my first ever blog post I thought I would do something quintessentially Los Angelenan ... that is something to do with beaches, burgers, ... so the "3 Square Cafe" on Abbott Kinney (Venice Beach) comes to mind!

Although I frequent Abbott Kinney quite a bit, I have only recently decided to try out this Cafe since my feet normally drag me directly to Jin Patisserie ... but I have heard good things about the Pretzel burger so I wanted to give it a shot.

The 3 Square Cafe is at the very least, German-influenced. It has a bakery attached to it, so their dessert menu is pretty extensive. Their regular menu is however quite slim. But no worries~ they have 'something for everyone' as they say, and they all seem quite appetizing (they also have a good wine selection).

So we started off with some amazing ravioli which I devoured before remembering to take a picture!
Then, naturally, we ordered the Trio of mini burgers :)

These are juicy salmon, beef, and turkey burgers sandwiched between fresh pretzel buns (to people more used to Auntie Anne's or Wetzel's, these pretzels are Nothing like what you've had!). I spent much of the dinner debating which of the three burgers to take my next bite out of ... I personally thought the turkey burger was outstanding. The juiciness, tastiness, combined with the crunchy fresh pretzel bun :|~~~

We were pretty stuffed at this point, but how can we leave without at least trying their dessert?
I'm partial to chocolates, and souffles, so chocolate souffle it was ...

The souffle was practically perfect. Fluffy and chocolatey. The only down side was it was a bit small (still enough, but smaller than normal), and it could use some sauce to cut it with. Nonetheless, I was licking the dish in a matter of seconds after it cooled off.

3 Square Cafe
1121 Abbot Kinney Blvd
Venice, California
(310) 399-6504

Parking: Street, Valet

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