Sunday, May 11, 2008

Caltech Int'l Food Fair 08

Just a quick post ... we've been really busy preparing for the International Food Fair at Caltech. Just this year we decided to form a formal Indonesian club at our school, and then decided to participate at the food fair also.

Since our budget was limited, we had to make a lot of the food ourselves.
I'm proud to present our "Gado Gado" ;) I think I contributed a lot to its making, so I'm really excited about it! (Although it's a bit strange to act like I was in charge when making it considering I never made it before. But it turned out well anyway!)
I guess you can say gado gado is like Indonesian salad. It may look healthy now, but you eat this with rich, creamy peanut sauce :P

We also made "Cendol" but you can barely see anything in that big pot, so I didn't take a picture.

We also had some snacks/desserts that were catered by an Indonesian lady living in LA. This here is the "bolu pandan"
The green color comes from the pandan leaves, and I'm just going to refer you guys to this wikipedia link for more info on it ;)



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The gado gado bears a striking resemblance to the Filipino dish palabok.

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