Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Bloom, Tea

A lot of you have probably seen it in that movie 'Marie Antoinette.' Some may have seen it elsewhere. The movie was the first time I saw this in, then when I saw this strange leave-wrapped thing at Tea Station, I thought "could it be ..."

And it was!
So I bought this Yuan Bao Tea, which is sold at Tea Station for rather expensive :( $15 for a box of 6. But I was too curious! I have since then found a bunch of websites where you can order them online for cheaper, but I've yet to try ordering.

So the crinkled little thing bloomed into a purty red flower in hot hot water :)

It takes longer than Marie Antoinette might have made it seem, but I waited with excitement and it was worth it.

The taste for this particular one was just like regular jasmine tea.

Online I saw crysanthemum, jasmine, and other flowers as the flower inside, so who knows, maybe you 'll get different tastes after all?



man, i thought it was a sea urchin or something at first glance lol. looks crazy tho.


They serve teas like this at Royal/T. It blooms in the entire pot, very pretty

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