Wednesday, November 14, 2007

When I Eat Spicy

Just to get it out there, I CANNOT eat spicy food. Yes, I am Indonesian. Call me weird. Call me weak-sauce. Call me whatever. I just can't handle it. Occasionally though, I will sit through and suffer and drink gallons of water so I can have a particular dish.

Soon tofu is one of them. I always ask for Mild, but it ends up too spicy for me anyway. But plain would just be WRONG! Favorite soon tofu place in LA? That'd be Beverly Soon Tofu.

Your meal here starts with the regular and not so regular banchan: a silky smooth tofu with sesame, plus the usual plates of kim chi, bean sprouts, etc. Barley tea is served in metal bowls free of charge.

Then the soon tofu comes sizzling hot into which you immediately add an egg, rice, and then mix things up.
The ingredients used at Beverly Soon Tofu is higher quality than most and you can taste it, especially in the tofu and meat.
I personally prefer the small bowl (which comes with the kalbi or bulgogi combo), because that size is just perfect for one egg. 2 eggs in the bigger bowl is too much. On a good day the mild is not so spicy and I can finish it pretty quickly :P otherwise it's bite and drink for me ...

Still, every so often I want some "comfort food" and for some reason I feel like going to this place and suffer through the spice so I can have this bowl of goodness :P

Beverly Soon Tofu
2717 W Olympic Blvd Ste 108
Los Angeles, CA 90006-2642
Phone: (213) 380-1113

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My brother-in-law is also a spice wuss. He orders his soondooboo plain -- not even mild -- at Beverly Soon Tofu. Unlike our bowls of orange, his bowl comes out white!


Looks quite tasty! I'll have to check this place out. Have you tried Tofu-Ya on Sawtelle?


Hi airencracken!
I have tried Tofu-Ya and I thought it was rather ... bland, compared to Beverly, and the ingredients are also of lower quality. You should definitely check out Beverly tofu!

Right Way to Eat

Hey Burumun,

Out of curiosity, have you tried So Kong Dong yet? That place is across the street from Beverly Soon Tofu. If you did tried it, how would you compared it to Beverly Soon Tofu?

BTW, hmmm hmm good at Beverly Soon Tofu. I got the seafood combo with galbi and it was delicious!

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