Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Terrace at The Forum Offers More Pre-Show Eats

Heading to The Forum for a show? You can now come early and have dinner and drinks before the show at The Terrace, now open with more food vendors like Loteria Grill and Pink's Hot Dogs. I was recently invited there to check out The Terrace and watch a show with REO Speedwagon and Boston.

The Terrace wraps around The Forum and you'll find stations serving food and drinks along the way. I went around until I found Loteria Grill.
The Forum
Yes, my favorite pick of what to eat here would be Loteria Grill's tacos (they also have quesadillas).
The Forum

You get a choice between chicken, beef, or vegetarian - the space on The Terrace is limited after all. The chicken tacos were a nice change from the usual music venue offerings.

The line for Pink's here is way shorter than their original location - another reason to eat it here?
The Forum
They also still have a grab-n-go salads and wraps and sandwiches should you want to eat something healthier.
The Forum

It's definitely nice to see venues like The Forum and others making an effort and getting local restaurants to provide more food options instead of sticking to their usual burgers and stadium hot dogs. The Terrace is certainly a step in the right direction for The Forum.
The Forum


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