Tuesday, October 7, 2008

ISO: Heart Attack Grill?

So I got one of those forwarded emails from a friend in Aussie, titled "Only in America" - it turned out to be hilarious.

Inside were these series of photos of a place called "Heart Attack Grill" !!

And the menus were burgers called "Single Bypass", "Double Bypass" or "Triple Bypass."
The servers were all dressed in nurse costumes.

Oh and they also sell cigarettes.

Is this real??

I have never ever seen this in real life before, but it sure is a hilarious gimmick!

The burgers in their photos are definitely no joke:

If you know of one of these places, gimme a holler :)



I still can't believe the whole thing actually happened!

I hope I did a decent job at least.

For all the l.a foodbloggers!

H. C.

I think it's still a secret because all the diners there actually died of a heart attack before they can spill the beans! That's one crazy burger!

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