Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tonight, Black Truffle Dinner

This is a last minute announcement, but if you haven't decided where to go for dinner, why not say Farewell to Black Truffles with La Terza?

A 7-course meal, all with black truffles for $75!

Scrambled eggs and black truffles
Tuna tartar, assorted citrus, black truffles and Sicialian pistachio
Pan roasted whole quail, soft polenta and black truffles
Open ravioli, porcini mushrooms, black truffles and cream of parmigiano
Veal shank agnolotti and black truffles
Beef filet, quail eggs, black truffles and port reduction
Vanilla and black truffles gelato

$ 75 excluding tax, gratuity and beverage.
***full menu also available***
Please call La Terza for reservations (323) 782-8384


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